Historic bill for California tenants


By Rob Bonta
18th District Assemblymember

The State Legislature’s passage of AB 1482 recently is a landmark legislative victory for tenants in California.

It is potentially the most impactful bill for tenants ever passed in the history of the state. And it certainly comes at a critical moment.

California tenants have suffered. Many are living in fear that they are just one rent-gouging increase or one discriminatory, retaliatory, or arbitrary eviction notice away from losing their home. AB 1482’s anti-rent gouging provisions and statewide just cause provisions will change this.

This legislation impacts people in a way that is profound. Homes are where California residents lay their heads down at night. Where they feel safe. Where families and children feel safe.

For too long, tenants in California have had to wait.

But now tenants are being heard.

AB 1482 will help protect millions of Californians. I’m proud to be a joint author of this transformative legislation. And I’m thankful for the partnership and leadership of my fellow joint authors including lead author David Chiu as well as Tim Grayson, Buffy Wicks and Richard Bloom.

AB 1482 offers thoughtful and reasonable solutions that are the result of hard work by a broad array of stakeholders.

Special thanks to the Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon and the Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins who, together with our Gov. Gavin Newsom, leaned in and pushed for this legislation to move it across the finish line. We are hopeful that the Governor will sign this legislation into law and complete this extraordinary and remarkable achievement.

Finally, I want to thank the hundreds and thousands of advocates from Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro and across California who never backed down, never gave up, and never let up.