As the pandemic in California slows down and the states gradually reopens, Bay Area’s Graton Resort & Casino will resume operations. With comprehensive protection and enhanced disinfection, health and safety measures will be further improved to protect the health of all guests and staffs.  Graton is committed to create a safe and clean environment for entertainment and leisure, so that guests can play with ease at all times.

The casino will limit the number of visitors. Thermal cameras are also installed at the entrances for body temperature screening. In addition,  “Social Distancing” is another important protection point. Notices will be posted to remind guests and employees at all times to maintain a safe distance and pay attention to personal hygiene, and there will be staff to guide guests to avoid congregating. The seats of the slot machines, gaming tables and restaurants have been all rearranged and reduced to ensure guests maintain an appropriate distance to protect others and themselves.

The hygiene standards will be fully upgraded. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed at key entrances and contact areas. In addition to purchasing of electrostatic sprayers, enhancing the maintenance ventilation and the air filtration systems, we will also enhance deep cleaning and increase disinfection frequency on frequent contact areas and gaming equipments, such as the hotel lobby, slot machines, gaming tables, restaurants, guest rooms, elevator buttons, etc. We believe in allowing our guests to feel at ease by not missing any details.

At this critical moment for pandemic prevention, Graton Resort & Casino adheres to the business philosophy of excellence as always. We regard the health of guests and staffs as the top priority. We are implementing all relevant health and safety measures, further strengthening the work team’s epidemic prevention training, implementing staff temperature testing and self-health management, and requiring staffs to wear personal protective equipment properly at work. We are committed to strictly implementing the standard procedures of cleaning and disinfection, and protecting the health and safety of guests.  Thank you for your continued support. We are ready to welcome you to have wondreful time here with us again!