First Filipino super majority in Daly City council


By Joshua Parina

Glenn Sylvester and Juslyn Manalo took their oaths as new Councilmembers of the Daly City Council last December 12, making history as the first United States City Council with a Pinoy supermajority.

Filipino Councilmembers Raymond Buenaventura and Michael Guingona welcomed the two newly elected members into their ranks during the Daly City Council Reorganization.
These four individuals comprise the supermajority and have been called the Pinoy “Super 4”.

Sylvester and Manalo, who won the two open seats garnering 30.5 percent and 29.2 percent of the total votes respectively, took the seats left by former Mayor Sal Torres and former Vice-mayor David Canepa.

That evening, Glenn Sylvester became the new Mayor of Daly City and Juslyn Manalo became the new Vice-mayor. The event was a night of celebration but it was not without contention.

Councilmember Judith Christensen, who joined the reorganization by phone due to a health issue, raised concerns about the mayoral and vice-mayoral selection process. She claimed that there is an unspoken tradition of councilmembers taking turns occupying the seats of mayor and vice-mayor but this is a misconception.

Daly City and most cities in San Mateo County follow the council-manager model of government, in which the elected council members appoint a non-partisan, professional city manager to handle the day to day affairs of running the city and advise the council members while the elected officials focus on policy and legislation.

In many cases, this means that there is a predictable rotation of councilmembers taking the seats of mayor and vice-mayor but there is no official law.

In an interview with FilAm Star, Sylvester stated that the position of mayor in Daly City is merely ceremonial and all councilmembers have equal voting power when it comes to policymaking.

Regardless of this controversy, Daly City has a bright future ahead.

Councilmember Mike Guingona said he looks forward to working with everyone in the
City Council and is optimistic about the future of Daly City as a whole.

Councilmember Ray Buenaventura also told FilAm Star about his reasons behind nominating Manalo and Sylvester, saying Daly City needs “bright new dynamic leaders who have compassion and the need to make our lives better.”

Councilmember Buenaventura also stated that he is fully confident in Juslyn and Glenn’s capabilities as leaders.

Councilmembers Buenaventura and Guingona have years of leadership and public service experience. Combined with overwhelming public support received by Sylvester and Manalo, a new beginning is set for the city known as the Gateway to the Peninsula.