Fil-Am society partners architects, engineers with medical groups


Founded in 1976, FASAE (Filipino American Society of Architects and Engineers) celebrates its 41st Anniversary on July 15.

This year marks the very first time in its history that FASAE’s president was re-elected to a second consecutive term. This well-deserved honor goes to Nomer Gutierrez, a CalTrans civil engineering manager of Design Group in Stockton.

During his first year as president Nomer launched, as part of FASAE’S Professional Development Program, a series of Leadership seminars to enable its members to successfully compete for new levels of assignments at their places of employment.

The training is also preparing its members to more actively contribute to the growth and development of their respective families and communities.

More valuable to FASAE and its members is the practical, experiential application of the leadership training on its project entitled “Engineering Sustainable Health” that shall include the intention of magnifying the results of the medical mission projects in which Dr. Arlaine Gutierrez, the true life partner of Nomer, participates with heartful dedication.

This project shall also forge a partnership between FASAE and medical groups to establish a mutually supporting relationship that shall nourish the efforts of its members at a personal level: that of successfully achieving a total, holistic program of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sustainable health and wellbeing. In addressing the issues along the path of sustainable health,

Nomer is leading the way to use the knowledge, abilities, skills and experience of FASAE’s architects and engineers in the rehabilitation, upgrading, and modernizing of buildings and structures to the achievement of well-being of the 12 different systems of the body – merging engineering laws and medical practices, using an inclusive range of health and healing modalities, to address the many killer health conditions and debilitating ailments caused by overweight, inactivity, improper diet, bad posture habits, and undisciplined thinking, actions, emotions, and indeterminate moral guidelines. (J. dela Cruz)