Fil-Am Carley-Ann Manalo bids for Daly City Clerk


By Jun Nucum

After success at a local production company and retail business at SFO, Filipino American Carley-Ann Manalo is ready to bring her expert service as Daly City Clerk, armed with a dedication to run an efficient office and open environment.

Born to Carlito and Josefina in 1983, Carley-Ann and sister Daly City Vice-mayor Juslyn Manalo lived in a San Francisco South of the Market environment. They were also raised under the care of maternal grandmother Marina where love for family and work enabled them to move permanently in Old Daly City.

This single mom is determined to raise daughters Marley and Halina healthily and happily with a  purpose in life.

This will come in handy as she applies the same determination and purpose to serve Daly City. Plus, the same sense of responsibility that made her a success in the private sector.

In running for the Office of City Clerk, Carley-Ann also wants to put more compassion, equality and kindness in the Clerk’s office. Envisioning a city office more responsive to the public.

“There is room for new and fresh ideas collaborating with the various departments of the City and the City Clerk’s office. I also plan to modernize communication using an innovative lens for a wider reach, especially during these life-altering times. These shifts will redefine the way the past 12 years has been and can be the key to unlock steps toward a compassionate office that puts community front and center,” Carley-Ann said.

A proud alumna of Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Ben Franklin Middle School and Jefferson High School, Carley-Ann formed friendships at an early age, embracing the diverse and multicultural community Daly City gifted her.

She was an active member of her youth group at Crossroads Christian Center. She gained leadership skills serving as a youth mentor, supporting literacy and language programs and improving kindergarten readiness for disadvantaged children in San Francisco.

Carley-Ann also supported Solid Thoughts, an after-school program providing a safe space for Daly City high school students.

She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University while studying Holistic Health. In her years at SF state, she held positions as herstorian, pledge educator, community chair and president for Kappa Psi Epsilon, a sorority built upon foundations of academics, culture,
community action, inter-relations and sisterhood.

More information on Carley-Ann Manalo can be found in her Facebook account Carley-Ann Manalo for Daly City Clerk 2020 at