Enzo doesn’t mind undergoing auditions

Photo: Enzo Pineda (@enzopineda Official Facebook Page)

By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Enzo Pineda is glad that he has an entry to the forthcoming Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival titled, “Malamaya (The Color of Gray)” in which he shares stellar billing with Sunshine Cruz.

“Actually, it’s a dream-come-true for me,” he avers. “Joining Cinemalaya has always been in my vision board. In 2013, I also had an entry in her—Sundalong Kanin.’ I was still very young then but I’m happy because many still remember my portrayal in said film.”

The good-looking lad considers this development a blessing in disguise.

“As I’ve said, to be part of Cinemalaya is part of my short-term goals. It’s a big deal for someone like me who wants to further hone my acting chops. I thank God that the offer to do ‘Malamaya’ came. I believe it’s really for me.”

Enzo doesn’t mind revealing that he had to undergo auditions for Cinemalaya.

“Honestly, I don’t want to be conceited and say I don’t want auditions. Other actors might feel disappointed if they don’t get the role they audition for. But in other countries, doing auditions is normal. Regardless if you’re popular or not. So, I want to have that mind-set.

“I really want to train myself to undergo auditions. That way, you’ll be more proud if you snatch the role. Producers might have a different impression on you. They might think you can’t do the character. Undergoing an audition erases that. From there, you will be able to prove that you are worthy of the role,” he explains.

Interestingly, what’s his role in “Malamaya”? Is it something that would have an instant recall among viewers like his character in “Sundalong Kanin”?

“I believe the viewers will find my role here unforgettable. In the movie, I am a photographer hobbyist. I really want to become an artist but my parents entered me into a course which would allow me to make more money. Then, I’ll meet the character of Ms. Sunshine. She’s a former popular artist. She became my mentor and along the way, we developed a romantic relationship.”

So, the movie is primarily a May-December affair thing?

“In a way, yes but the romance is just an added bonus. The movie actually supports our local artists, for them to be promoted.”

When he accepted the movie, is he aware that he will have love scenes with Sunshine?

“Yes! And I’m ready for it. It’s needed in the story. There’s a purpose for it. I won’t be doing something just for the heck of it. I didn’t have doubts because apart from the material, Ms. Sunshine is a good actress.”

Enzo has only good words for his leading lady.

“She’s very professional and open. She is supportive of me in doing our delicate scenes.

Most of my scenes are with her and Mr. Raymond Bagatsing. Truly, I learned a lot from her!”

Also one of the appealing actor’s future goals is to win an acting award.

“That’s right! It would mean a lot to me. This is the reason why I want to explore on the roles I portray on screen. I’m hoping that in the coming days, I’ll really be able to grab one,” ends Enzo.