Energy Upgrade California® holds event to help API community save energy, reduce bills


MILLBRAE – The Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation in partnership with Energy Upgrade California® held a media roundtable event to raise awareness among the Asian Pacific Islander community on how to save energy in their everyday lives and reduce their energy costs.

Speakers included Juslyn Manalo, Councilmember of Daly City, representatives for Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF), Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) and Seth Jacobson with Energy Upgrade California®. Additionally, Assemblymember Phil Ting (AD-San Francisco) and Susie Wong, president and CEO of Asians in Energy, could not attend due to scheduling conflicts but voiced their support of the Energy Upgrade Program.

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide educational initiative empowering Californians to take energy management actions to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency.

“Energy Upgrade California is an important effort to remind all California residents that we can protect our environment by using less energy.  Reduced energy use is good for our planet, and good for our pocketbooks. I urge all residents to use the tips recommended by Energy Upgrade California and make saving energy a habit in your home or business. Future generations are relying on us to prevent climate change, and energy conservation is a critical part of that effort,” said Ting.

Simple tips to reduce energy costs include:

Using LED bulbs, can save 80 percent of energy costs and last 25 times longer
Putting computers on power saving mode can reduce energy cost by 50 percent
Setting thermostat to 78 degrees in summer and 68 degrees in winter will be most efficient

Unplugging appliances when not in use will stop power consumption; devices still use power even in OFF mode

“We as residents and stewards of California always need to have in our minds how we will preserve our State’s beauty for our future generation. Energy Upgrade California represents the small things we can do in our everyday lives to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Manalo. “I find great value in Energy Upgrade California and Daly City has included EUC’s Home Upgrade program as part of our ‘Daly City Green Vision’, a climate action plan that aims to reduce our city’s carbon footprint by 2020.”

“It is important that residents are aware of how to conserve energy at home to not only help the environment but also save costs. This lifestyle change does not happen overnight. It will take many reminders and efforts like this Asian focused awareness campaign to change habits, and it will all be worthwhile for future generations to enjoy,” said Edwin Tan, director of Advocacy and Development, Asian Americans for Community Involvement.

The Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF) has been actively working with Energy Upgrade California in engaging the Asian Pacific Islander community on how to do their part in saving energy.

“California is a global leader in policy that puts the environment at the forefront. The Energy Upgrade California campaign is a perfect example of the effort taking place across the state to hone in many different areas to push California in reaching its 2030 energy and greenhouse emission goals.  Asian Pacific Americans, and all Californians need to do our part in being more energy efficient and residents can see direct benefits through cost savings,” said Wong.