Enchong now has the luxury to choose his projects

Photo: Enchong Dee (Enchong Dee official facebook page @OnlyEnchongDee)

By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

ABS-CBN actor Enchong Dee is happy and proud to be part of the movie “Circa” which is an entry to the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

“Oh, yes! I’m in the company of veteran acting stalwarts in this film directed by the critically-acclaimed Adolf Alix, Jr. Imagine, I’m sharing the screen with the likes of Ms. Anita Linda, Ms. Gina Alajar, Ms. Laurice Guillen, Ms. Jaclyn Jose, Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa and Mr. Ricky Davao. The late acting great Mr. Eddie Garcia has a special participation as well. It’s really a big honor on my part to be included in the project,” he says.

Interestingly, what’s his role in the film?

“I am Ms. Anita Linda’s grandson here. The story is about a once celebrated movie producer who wants to achieve a milestone in her 100th birthday: to celebrate with all the actors and staff that she had previously worked with. That’s her fervent wish.

“Ms. Anita Linda is like the mother of Philippine Cinema. Actually, I’m really proud because our vehicle is a sort of a tribute to Philippine Cinema. It gives honor to all the people who worked for the industry for the past 100 years and the changes they’ve encountered in the passing of times.”

The charming actor admits that this movie is an answered prayer on his part.

“I was really praying for a new potboiler and suddenly, the offer from Direk Adolf came.

Imagine, I was given the rare opportunity to work with award-winning actors here. I simply feel lucky!”

Enchong is grateful to the guidance of his director in his delineation of the character.

“That’s right!” he avers. “Basically, I really needed his help considering that he has already worked with my co-actors in the past and knows them better. So, he guided me all throughout the shoot and I’m thankful for it!”

Apart from his showbiz career, the appealing lad is also a successful businessman. He is a brand ambassador for a restaurant chain and handles a real estate company as well as a billboard firm. He is also preparing to launch a music school soon. This roles he does while he’s shooting a movie intended for the forthcoming 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival. How does he do everything simultaneously?

“Well, it goes hand in hand. Now that I’m not busy with a tele-serye, I have enough time to supervise my businesses. It’s adjustable since there are other people who do the legworks for me except for the school in which I’m very hands-on. You’re part of the decision-making and you’re also a signatory. But if an offer for a soap opera will come, then, this one takes a backseat.”

Considering his multi-faceted life, did he turn down offers in the past?

“There were some. But it wasn’t because of my being a businessman. It was more of a career decision. It is like, ‘Okay, I’ll pass up this role because I’m waiting for another!’ or ‘I’ll not accept this movie offer because I’m waiting for a bigger one!’

“I’m fortunate because now I have the freedom, I have the luxury to turn down nicely. Of course, when you were younger and just starting in the ‘biz, you accept everything that’s being offered as much as possible. But now, as I’ve said, you get to choose,” ends Enchong.