By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Asked if he already has an upcoming show with mother network ABS-CBN, Enchong Dee reveals:

“There’s none! Yes, it’s been a year already that I don’t have any regular program.

Honestly, I don’t know why.”

Are there offers to him or it’s just his decision not to do soap operas at this point in time?

“There were offers in the beginning but you have to weigh things. I had to assess if I would do a project because I want to or I will do it because my home studio couldn’t give me something. I really have to consider or think wisely about the next show I’ll appear into.”

With his current situation, hasn’t it crossed his mind to transfer to the rival network?

“I don’t think it’s the right time that I question that since I still have a contract with ABS.

To be honest, I don’t think about it, maybe because I don’t consider showbiz as the sole source of my living. It’s really craft for me. It’s something that I value and is very passionate about. So, money is not always the top consideration in accepting offers,” Enchong explains.

Next year, his contract with the Kapamilya will already expire. Is he impatient with not having a regular show?

It’s just okay. Anyway, I have movies on the side and I’m happy with it.”

Considering that he’s also a successful businessman and has invested on properties, has he ever considered quitting the ‘biz?

“No, I haven’t thought of it. I still have lots of dreams to fulfill like representing our country to various international film festivals. Hope it will turn into a reality someday.”

Speaking of prestige and recognition, the talented star added another feather into his cap when he recently won in the 33rd Star Awards for Television.

“For the second time, I clinched the trophy for Best Single Performance by an Actor! I won for my ‘MMK’ episode titled, ‘Wheelchair.’ I bagged the same recognition in 2011. This time though, I tied with GMA ward Jeric Gonzales who whose work for his ‘Magpakailanman’ episode was recognized. I’m simply happy with the award. It validates my growth as an artist.”

His next film project excites the appealing lad.

“Oh yes!” states Enchong. “We’ll start shooting next month. It’s under Ten 17 Production and Toni Gonzaga’s Tin Can. I’m thrilled because it’s my dream to work with their team specially Direk Paul (Soriano). I’m aware that they do quality and at the same time, commercially viable movies. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Interestingly, are there still roles he wants to breathe life on screen?

“When it comes to that, the audience is always my topmost consideration. I want to do that which they can easily relate to.”

How about his love life? What is its present state?

“Actually, I’m doing so many other stuffs apart from show business. The ‘biz is like just ten percent of my whole life. There are other aspects which I attend to. Love life? Perhaps, if I have right now, I’ll just keep quiet and be on low profile. I learned from my experiences in the past. But definitely, I’m dating,” ends Enchong.