DAVIS, California—September 3, 2018—A team of Phd students, undergraduates and community organizers led by Dr. Robyn Magalit Rodriguez at the University of California, Davis is working towards establishing the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies, the first of its kind in the University of California and nationally. The center will support community-engaged research and the dissemination of knowledge about Filipinos in the United States and the diaspora.

“As young kids, most Filipinos are taught to value education. What we are trying to do is take that to the next level to promote education for us and by us through the establishment of the first-ever Center for Filipino Studies in the University of California system, “ stated by Dr. Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, the director of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies initiative at UC Davis.

The center is being named after migrant worker, writer and activist, Carlos Bulosan who authored, America is in the Heart, a now-classic novel that documents the early Filipino American immigrant experience in the United States. Inspired by the life’s work of Carlos Bulosan, the initiative aims to empower the Filipino community through knowledge and education, especially for advancing the rights and welfare of those most marginalized in the community. As part of the initiative, the BCFS will be hosting their first benefit dinner on September 29th to help fundraise towards the center, as well as a Filipino Community Policy Symposium for building a progressive policy agenda for the Filipino and Filipino-American community. For more information on these events and sponsorship opportunities, please visit https://bulosancenter.wixsite.com/benefitdinner/symposium.

“Filipinos are one of the oldest and largest Asian immigrant communities in the state of California yet research about our historical contributions as well as the urgent issues we currently face is still severely underdeveloped,” says Dr. Rodriguez, “The Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies aims to fill those gaps. We hope that the knowledge we produce inspires the next generation to commit to community service and civic engagement.”