Duterte’s tirade lowest blow to De Lima

President Rodrigo Duterte (left) and Senator Leila De Lima (right) (photo: www.politics.com.ph)

By William Casis | FilAm Star Correspondent

“I cannot resist asking the President, what do you see in me that you find so sexual? Why is your mind so fixated on my sexual aspect? You are so obsessed with me. Why?”

Sen. Leila De Lima reacted to the latest tirades by President Rodrigo Duterte who even taunted that Jaybee Sebastian could be her “sexual object” and not a government asset.
“The President’s foul mouth has again desecrated the hollowed grounds of Malacañan with personal attacks against me,” said De Lima.

“What do you want from me? Do you want something from me?” asked De Lima who described Duterte as the lowest and the vilest man in the country due to his rudeness.

“I pity our President . I hope dear God would forgive him for all he has been doing,” said De Lima as she called on Duterte to stop his attacks on her.

De Lima was sought for her comments regarding Duterte’s fresh attacks on her following the the oath-taking of Malacañang Press Corps officers.

“As you have said, our President is again going ballistic….” said De Lima.

Duterte said the former justice secretary is sure to be jailed because of her links to illegal drugs. He said “plenty” of drug-related charges await her as soon as the investigation on the proliferation of drugs at the national penitentiary concludes.

“I am sure with my evidence… If she’s in prison, I’ll put the men’s prison beside the women’s prison. She can have as many lovers as she wants,” Duterte ridiculed the neopyte senator.

“You have no shame. Any other woman would have slashed her throat. Maybe you think you’re a celebrity. Ambition is good but her sexuality pulled her down,” ssid Duterte as he continued to humiliate De Lima.

Duterte also said he wants to quizz De Lima on her claim that Sebastian, a convicted car thief and gang leader, was a government asset who provided information on illegal drug trade in the major prison facility.

“What was that asset? Was it a sexual asset or a source of information?” Duterte asked.
In an earlier news conference, De Lima confirmed to reporters that Sebastian was indeed a government asset. She said Sebastian was left at the National Bilibid Prisons when the so-called “Bilibid 19” was transferred to the NBI detention facility because “he might be killed.”

She said his peers at Bilibid 19 might be aware that he was providing the government information about the drug operations inside the Muntinlupa penitentiary.

De Lima, who has become the President’s staunchest critic, initiated the Senate probe on the spate of supposed extra-judicial killings in the country amid the administration’s bloody war on drugs.