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By Ben Lou

Q: A friend borrowed my credit card, used it and disappeared.  Am I required to pay those?

A:  Let’s test your memory.  Do you remember when you initially signed up for this card with an application?  When you applied for it, you signed along the dotted line.  That in itself was a contract agreeing to pay the bank with interest for any amount used.  Next, when you were approved, they send you a card and usually on the back of the card, it says that use of the card means you agree to the binding agreement, even if you did not read it.  It also came with a bunch of papers stating the interest rates for purchases, cash advances, and when payment is required every month.

This contract or agreement is binding and you are committed.  Now my next question is where do you see the signature of the person who borrowed your card on the application or on the back of the card?  If the answer is nowhere, then you are correct.  This means that you are the only one who is responsible for paying the debt incurred by your friend, if you want to call them friend.

I cannot express this more clearly.  Please be very careful with friends when it comes to money.  Usually this is a cause for the friendship to go bad.  The reason your friend borrows your credit card is they do not have one, which also means they are not credit worthy.  This also means they will not pay you back as well.

If the debt your friend has caused you is causing you hardship, give me a call so I may give you solutions in being done with the debt.  I have programs that can make your life a little easier.  My programs are attorney based so that they may protect you from harassments from collectors.

Ating lesson, Kaibigan, magaling ka lang pala sa utangan.

If you need help in getting out of debt, call Debt Aid Consulting International.  We do not use call centers which keeps your information safe.  We have a new program that reconstruct debts for half of what you would pay our competitors.  We also provide legal assistance that keeps collectors away.  We take Federal Credit Unions, Payday loans and high interest personal loans in our program too.  This is exclusively available for Debt Aid Consulting clients.  None of our competitors provide this program.  You are well protected.

We only provide Federal Trade Commission compliant programs.  Go with Debt Aid Consulting!

Do not fall for marketing gimmicks saying that they have the right program for you.  Most marketing companies only have one program and will enroll you in that program whether it fits you or not.  So beware!

Ben Lou at your service!  I have over 35 years of financial experience.  If you would like sound financial advice, call us at Debt Aid Consulting International.  We do not use call centers. No one has the right to put your information at risk.

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