Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo states that 4 years is still too short to accomplish more community impact. Although in her first four  years she worked steadfastly to do the following: Save Seton Hospital from it’s closure, increase minimum wage to $15.00 by 2021, approve over 500 affordable housing units, create an inaugural LOVE not HATE Event, celebrating diversity and promoting continued  inclusion in the city she was raised in filled with multi-culturalism, Juslyn believes that there is more work to do especially in these unprecedented times.

Her background stems from Community Service early on.
Early in her career, she became a Community Service Worker providing direct service to the Filipino World War II Veterans. Juslyn also managed the Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP), a program that helped low to moderate income families, find, defend and sustain their housing. Currently, she is a Community Engagement Manager, building partnerships to create community development opportunities such as affordable housing, jobs, open space, and youth development. Her wide range of experiences demonstrates a great benefit to policymaking.

Juslyn has proven her skillset and ability to lead when Mayor in 2018, she brought forth a new energy and prompted the community that City Hall is the People’s, by having more events like Immigration workshops and hosting important forums around Filipino Concerns and held a multi-cultural, diversity event for all. She also initiated a strong Resolution to signal that Seton Hospital Land Use must remain to prevent it from being sold for any other use.

Vice Mayor received her Masters of Public Administration with an emphasis with Public Management from San Francisco State University from the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement and gives her a lens to create policy and the implementation outcome through her training.