The Colma Citizens Scholarship Fund Committee was established in 2000 and funded by Lucky Chances Casino. It consists of six members: Maureen O’Connor (chairman), Perla Denina, Liz Taylor, Maryann Zapanta, Erlinda Cachuela and Carmela Mamaril.

On May 8, 15 scholarship recipients were recognized. Also awarded were individuals who met academic requirements of a 2.5 or better GPA. Community service standards, as well as being a current Colma citizen were also highlighted.

Cash prizes and certificates were distributed among winners by Rommel Medina, the owner and president of Lucky Chances Casino. In the past, Lucky Chances Casino was under the direction of his father, Rene Medina who has been very supportive to Colma citizens and the community.

Between 2000 and 2018 the fund distributed $298,128.00 in scholarships. This year an additional $14,000.00 is being awarded.

The essays submitted as part of the application revealed individuals with worthy goals and high standards. They are all active in organized volunteer work and are actively sharing their gifts with the community. One of the four essays was on multi-cultural living in the community and another was on a valuable lesson learned in the past year.

Gabriel Gutierrez, 2nd scholarship-University of California Berkeley; Cody Joseph Miller, 1st scholarship-Palmer College of Chiropractic San Jose; Stephanie Lynn Quitevis, 5th scholarship-A.T. still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences; Giovann Pierre Fox, 2nd scholarship-San Francisco State University; Aiden Gregory Galli,1st scholarship-Highlands Christian Schools; Gabriel Bonifacio Pacis, 3rd scholarship-Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Luke Lazaro, 3rd scholarship-Skyline College; Kathleen Garrett, 3rd scholarship-Piano lessons; Tatiana Yamileth Pulido Gomez, 1st scholarship-Piano lessons; Hannah Danielle Balton, 1st scholarship-Skyline College; Aura Orozco-Funetes, 1st scholarship-University of California, San Francisco; Miguel Mesina Roque, 4th scholarship-University of California Los Angeles; Sarah Yoa, 3rd scholarship-California Polytechnic State University Pomona; Micah Dela Cruz, 4th scholarship-University of California Davis; Leonardo Navarro, 2nd scholarship-California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.