Coleen moves to Viva


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After seven years with Star Magic, Coleen Garcia left its stable and moved to Viva Artists Agency where she inked a five-year contract.

“That’s right!” she says. “I’m already with Viva now. But it’s not an overnight thing. It took me a long time to arrive at this decision. I realized that at this new phase in my life, I really just want a fresh new start.”

One major factor for her decision is that she wants to focus more on acting projects.

“I really want to work more on films this time. That’s something I haven’t had the chance to do of late. I guess I’m just passionate about films.”

With this development, many are curious how she parted ways with her former home studio.

Photo: Coleen Garcia (Coleen Garcia Official Instagram Page)

“Definitely, there’s no bad blood between me and Star Magic! For one, I will always be thankful for want they’ve done with my career. Surprisingly, obtaining their blessing wasn’t really that hard. At first, that was my concern: that somebody might get offended or hurt. As I went to their office, I felt heavy but when I came out, everything turned out to be light.

“I didn’t expect them to be so understanding. It really surprised me that they understood my reason especially now that I’m already married and have to be mature enough to decide for my career path. I’m simply grateful to Tita Mariole Alberto (one of Star Magic’s top honchos). She’s always been there for me whenever I want to consult something regarding my professional side. I always seek her advice.”

Interestingly, now that she’s no longer with Star Magic, would it be possible for her to do some projects with rival network GMA?

“I cannot decide on that. Viva has the final say for my future assignments.

They know what’s best for me. I’m not sure how it works. From what I know, if you’re a Viva artist and doesn’t have an exclusive contract with any network, you can work in other studios.

“So yes, if given the chance, why not? But personally, I’ll be happier if my projects will still be with ABS-CBN. I started with them. I’ve always been a Kapamilya and I love being such. If I will be asked to choose, I’m happy with where I am.”

The seductive star wants to clear that her husband Billy Crawford has nothing to do with her changing of talent management. As everyone knows, Billy signed up with Viva as well prior to her, leaving ALV Talent Circuit which became his home for 10 years.

“Of course, Billy didn’t influence me to make such decision. He’s not the deciding factor why I did it. But I would admit that he gave me advice and it helped somehow. Actually, it’s good that he’s here. He told me his nice working experiences with Viva and I believed him.”

Photo: Billy Crawford and wife; Coleen Garcia Crawford (Billy Crawford Official Instagram Page)

Speaking of her desire to make more films in the coming days, does she have limitations now that she’s married?

“Not really, although I wish to veer away from the usual roles that are assigned to me. I want to try something new. My husband is very supportive of me and for that, I’m grateful,” ends Coleen.