By: Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Coco Martin couldn’t hide his excitement over his upcoming project with Comedy King Vic Sotto titled, “Popoy En Jack: The Puliscredibles” which is intended for the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

“That’s right! We talked about the team-up already and it went fine. I’m so glad that Bossing accepted the project. Ever since, I’ve been very vocal in saying that doing a film opposite him is in my bucket list. Now, it’s a dream-come-true,” he says.

The popular actor admits that he’s a certified fan of the legendary triumvirate Tito, Vic & Joey.

“Yes! Even during my younger days, I’ve been watching their movies. They’re my idols!

They’re tops when it comes to comedy. Definitely, it would be a huge honor to share the screen with Bossing. This early, I’m simply excited!”

Coco actually conceptualized the project for Vic and himself.

“That’s how serious I am to work with him. As I’ve said, I’m happy that when I pitched in the material to him, he committed right away. The movie is a collaboration of Bossing’s M-Zet Productions, APT Entertainment and my own CCM Films.”

Many ask if he will direct the project.

“That won’t be possible this time unlike last year when I handled my MMFF entry “Panday.”

I’m presently busy directing my own soap ‘Ang Probinsyano’ over at ABS-CBN. It’s Mike Tuviera who will direct ‘Popoy En Jack: The Puliscredibles’ and I believe that he will do a great job considering his impressive track record. But I will be involved in the creative aspect,” reveals Coco.

There are rumors circulating that Maine Mendoza will also be part of the film as his love interest.

“Well, we’re still finalizing things at this point. But I’m very much open to the idea. For one, Maine is one of those female stars whom I want to work with in a silver screen project ever since. I feel that both of us appeal greatly to the masses. I just hope that her camp will consider once we officially make the offer!”

Meanwhile, with this development, it’s inevitable that he and good friend Vice Ganda are headed on a collision course at the MMFF box-office once again just like last year.

“Honestly, it’s no big deal between the two of us. We share the same principle—that it’s just work! We’re here to entertain the viewing public. Actually, all entries in the annual film fest ought not fight but help one another instead. It would be good for the industry especially at Christmastime.”

Their respective followers are asking when he and Vice will collaborate in one potboiler once again. It can be remembered that their two previous MMFF entries in recent years were certified festival top-grossers.

“As of now, there’s no offer yet. I heard he has an entry as well in this coming film festival and the plot is exciting, too. As to a possible team-up with him again in the coming days, why not, as long as we’re able to come up with a good concept, right?”

Speaking of Vice, the public is curious if they were able to settle their little misunderstanding already.

“Oh yes! I won’t deny that we had a tiff last year which is just normal between friends. But we’ve buried the hatchet, so to speak. Last year, when we saw each other during the MMFF parade, we hugged like nothing happened. After that, we’re okay once again,” ends Coco.