City of Santa Clara improves access to public records through new on-line portal


SANTA CLARA – The City of Santa Clara recently unveiled a Public Records Acts Request on-line portal that gives the public unprecedented insight into the number of public records requests the City responds to monthly.

Now, with the click of a mouse, the public can access a searchable archive of responsive documents to California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests. The searchable archive will contain CPRA requests and will grow as the City receives future requests. A summary of closed public records requests, submitted to the City since January 2019, are also available on-line. The portal’s available at

“For the first time, anyone will be able to see the high number of public record requests that are made to the City,” said Deanna Santana, City manager. “This effort provides greater transparency to the community as well as improves internal efficiencies for processing these requests. I want to acknowledge our employees who spent countless hours transforming our manual processes into modern, web-based ones, especially staff in the City Clerk’s Office who spearheaded this complex project.”

The portal also makes it easier to request public records through an on-line form.

The City’s portal is powered by NextRequest which is used by government agencies throughout the US including the City of San Diego and City of San Francisco.