Milpitas, CA – Mayor Rich Tran, this city, recognizes community leaders dubbed as Super Heroes for community service last Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the city’s Community Center during the Commissioners’ Recognition Lunch 2019.

Among those recognized was FilAm Star columnist Elpidio R. Estioko, former chair and current commissioner of the Library & Education Advisory Commission (LEAC). Estioko received two awards, the first being The City of Milpitas Commissioner Service Award for more than 10 years’ service to the community of Milpitas. The second was in recognition of his service and dedication to the citizen of Milpitas during the period January 2018 – December 2018.

Other LEAC commissioners present during the awards ceremonies are Yu-lan Chou, current chair of the commission; Ha Phan, vice-chair; and commissioner Hellie Mateo. Chou was likewise awarded the 10-year service award.

Knowing that the city commissioners are important allies of the City Council in community service, Mayor Tran said, “We made changes, reformatted, and consolidated the commission structures to make sure the various commissions have their cabinet seat in City Hall… getting the best experience and attention for the city… We in the City Council are here to support you”.

Photo: Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran

Tran thanked all the commissioners for their services and dedication to the city of Milpitas and to the citizens in general.

Other members of the City Council present were former Vice Mayor and current city councilmember Carmen Montano and councilmember Bob Nunez.