Canepa launches newest free Wi-Fi spot

San Mateo County District 5 Supervisor David Canepa hosts the ribbon-cutting ceremony launching free public WiFi spot at War Memorial Community Center in Daly City.

REDWOOD CITY – San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa held a press conference last June 23 at 11 a.m., at the War Memorial Community Center in Daly City to unveil the county’s newest free public Wi-Fi spot. He was joined by Daly City Mayor Glenn Sylvester, school officials, students and members of the county’s Information Services Department.

“In today’s world, Wi-Fi is the equivalent to pens and pencils,” said Canepa. “Public Wi-Fi plays a critical role in socio-economic development and educational opportunities. Access to Wi-Fi increases access to information. Without it, many children are left in the digital dark ages.”

San Mateo County launched SMC Public Wi-Fi in 2014 to address the significant digital divide between those with high-speed Internet access and those with slow speed or no access. To date, the ISD team has installed 30 public WiFi spots throughout San Mateo County with many more in the pipeline.

“One day, I’m hoping that every neighborhood and perhaps every home in the entire Bay Area will have access to this incredibly important life-changing technology,” Canepa said. “Wi-Fi has become completely essential to our day-to-day living and the online world should be equally accessible to all.”

SMC Public WiFi is meant to serve the goal of all residents having equal access to online resources which are critical to supporting the county’s vision of a healthy, safe, prosperous, livable, environmentally conscious and collaborative community.