By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Bela Padilla admits that at present, she doesn’t have a love life but that doesn’t mean she’s lonely.

“That’s right!” she avers. “On the contrary, I don’t consider it as something lacking in my life as of now. I don’t even think that it’s part of my life. Ha-ha-ha! Yes, that’s true!”

Despite this, the appealing star feels content with how she’s doing.

“I like it the way it is. I think I already came to a point that I don’t really look for it or ask myself if I should be getting out more. As I’ve said earlier, I don’t think of it as a lacking or missing aspect in my life. I feel there’s nothing lacking because I’m happy as of now.”

Interestingly, does she go on dates at this point?

“Honestly, no. I don’t look for it. I’m already okay with the fact that I get to enjoy the things I want to do. I just do activities that please me like if I want to work-out today, I will. It’s all light, no pressure whatsoever.”

Bela Padilla (@OfficialBelaPadilla Facebook Page)

The talented Kapamilya ward doesn’t believe in the opinion of some quarters that men get intimidated by her.

“I don’t buy that. Actually, I’ve read somewhere that you don’t intimidate people. They get intimidated. It’s not your fault if they feel that way towards you. One more thing, I’ve never heard from anyone that I’m intimidating. Everybody says I’m friendly and easy-to-deal-with. Perhaps, I haven’t met my perfect match yet.”

Asked about her previous involvement with film producer Neil Arce who will soon tie the knots with Angel Locsin, Bela says:

“We’ve been together for four years. We separated on January of 2017. We broke up because I chose my career over our relationship. Maybe, we’re not really meant for each other. With the recent development on his love life, all I can say is that I’m happy for him!”

It can also be remembered that at one point, the pretty lass was romantically linked to actor Zanjoe Marudo when they got to work together in the ABS-CBN project titled, “My Dear Heart.”

“Oh, I admit that it had a potential to bloom only, it didn’t push through. Initially, Zanjoe and I had ‘something special’ during those times but sadly, it never deepened. Whatever should have happened simply didn’t. One more thing, I remember that Zanjoe revealed then that he wasn’t ready yet to enter a relationship,” ends Bela.