Be A Superhero For Your Community, Wear A Face Cover!


When the COVID19 Pandemic strikes, the whole world paused for a moment and everything changed unexpectedly.  The shelter in place has been mandatory to all of us, businesses closed and a lot of people either lost their job or been furloughed, others, were stranded from other places or country as the travel has been suspended.

As we start to rebuild our nation and businesses start to re-open, there still a possibility of contracting the virus until we get the cure.  It is for this reason that wearing a Face Mask is mandatory to at least minimize the spread of the virus.

For its part, The Milpitas Executive Lions Club headed by its President Benjie Fernandez did not hesitate to jump in and help the people of Milpitas by distributing Face Covering especially for those most vulnerable.  As of today, the club already donated almost 1500 face covering and still sewing for more as a way of giving back to the community.  For volunteer opportunities or wants to donate cloth and or sewing materials, please email us at:

Mask are still available while supplies last.  If you or anyone you know that resides in Milpitas need one, please email your request to

Lions International is the biggest community service organization in the world.  We’re 1.4 million men and women serving our communities and the world through uncommon kindness.

When there’s Need, there’s a Lion!