San Francisco, CA – Business coach and founder of Art of Hustle, Anthem Salgado, sees his clientele not just as a testament to the rise of female entrepreneurs, but specifically the rise of Pinay (Filipina American) entrepreneurs. While helping to propel their careers and business ventures, Anthem Salgado believes that fostering community amongst Pinay entrepreneurs is also important to the success of this emerging demographic.

“I’ve been running my practice for nine years now. There has always been a diverse rotation of clients since the start. But the Art of Hustle program has very consistently had representation from Filipina entrepreneurs across an array of industries, from health and wellness to creative and business services,” shares Anthem Salgado. “Now more than ever, there seems to be a surge of Pinay entrepreneurs making their presence known.”

In an effort to connect more like-minded entrepreneurs together, Art Of Hustle is hosting an event with the theme “Love & Hustle” on Monday, February 11, 2019, at ASMBLY Hall (1850 Fillmore St.), from 1-3:30 pm; and will feature panels and discussions on game-changing business strategies and personal stories of what it’s like to be a Pinay Hustler.

Speakers at the event feature Pinay entrepreneurs, who are past and present Art of Hustle clients, like Genevieve Roja, owner and founder of Lily & Spruce, a sustainable event planning company, Irene Faye Duller, an educator and co-founder of An Otherwise Co., a creative studio; Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin, a licensed financial professional, co-founder of Community Well, and owner of Claiming Prosperity; Paloma Concordia, owner of public relations agency PapaLoDown Agency; Kat Evasco, a writer, performance artist and stand-up comedian; and Raynelle Rino, owner of Rino Consulting Solutions, a nature-based coaching and consulting firm. The event is now at capacity, but people are welcome to join the waitlist.

Background & Statistics:
Pinays are emerging and thriving as entrepreneurs in California. In San Francisco’s SOMA Pilipinas district, the popular Filipino inspired night market Undiscovered SF reported over 50% of their vendors are owned by Pinays.

During the 1st annual Entrepinays summit last October, a conference for Pinay entrepreneurs in San Francisco, 130 participants attended and were either established or aspiring business owners with the median age being 35. LA-based Entrepinayship reports 23 Pinay-owned businesses on their website, with more expected to be added to the list.

This is reflected on a global and national scale too, where the rates of female entrepreneurship have doubled male entrepreneurship from 2015 to 2016 (Huffington Post). And according to the Global Entrepreneurship 2017/2018 Global Report, women make up 40% of new entrepreneurs in the U.S. (Forbes).

“Women-run businesses are approximately 15% higher at Covo than most other coworking spaces in San Francisco, and the number of Filipino business owners or founders that use our facilities has dramatically increased since we opened 2.5 years ago,” says Rebecca Brian Pan, CEO of Covo, a coworking space in the city’s SOMA Pilipinas district.”

With Filipino-Americans as the largest Asian American group in 10 of the 13 western states, the second largest Asian American population in the nation, and the oldest Asian population in the nation, this demographic trend reveals significant economic potential for Filipina-American entrepreneurs.