By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After admitting that they’re currently dating exclusively, Arjo Atayde dismisses the thought of working with Maine Mendoza on screen once again. They were last seen together in the hit 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles” alongside Vic Sotto and Coco Martin.

“I want our relationship to be on the personal level. Honestly, I never thought of working with her soon or that she will be my leading lady. As I’ve said, ours is on a personal level and not a showbiz thing. It’s different,” he says.

Both of them are actors so it’s not really impossible if in the future they get the chance to work together again in one project.

“We haven’t talked anything like that. If ever we’ll be given the opportunity to be together in another movie, then why not? Thank you Lord if ever there’s a project like that out there. But if there’s none, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important to me is the personal side.”

How about working with Alden Richards, Maine’s screen partner of the famed AlDub?

“Well, in my previous interviews, I said that I’m open to work with anyone.

I don’t choose the stars I will share the frame with. If the production team thinks that the role fits a certain star, then I will respect their choice. I’ve been in the ‘biz for seven years now and worked with lots of actors already.

Photo: Arjo Atayde (Arjo Atayde Official Instagram)

Never did I remember one instance that I demanded for a certain actor to act out a scene with me. I’ve no say!”

Meanwhile, the be-dimpled lad admits his frustration with the flaks he receives from bashers since he got linked with Maine. These people don’t like him to be linked with the phenomenal star and even accuses him of using her just to become popular.

“Some are really hard-hitting and below-the-belt already. It affected my family like my dad and sister. It’s something we never experienced before.

We don’t have a history in which we got bashed. It’s just only now,” laments Arjo.

How did his family take the assaults of bashers?

“Of course they got kind of irritated. They’re really affected and that’s what saddens me. These bashers don’t know what they’re talking about. What they say is baseless and not even factual!”

His sibling Ria Atayde couldn’t help but become emotional when she recently guested in Boy Abunda’s late night showbiz talk show. She defended him from the accusation that he only got noticed by the public after he got linked with Maine.

“That was so sweet of her. It made me cry. It only shows her being protective of me. I was simply happy. Unknown to some, Ria is actually my best friend. Her gesture truly touched me.”

Going back to Maine, the good-looking and articulate Kapamilya ward remains unfazed amid all the bashing he gets right now.

“For the record, I’m not using Maine. If they question whatever I have right now, then it’s not my problem anymore. Whatever they say will not affect me at all. I will just keep working. I never really dreamt of becoming a superstar. I just wanted to act, that’s all!” ends Arjo.