Barbie, not open to being friends with JM at this point


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

After top-billing the ABS-CBN hit drama series “Araw-Gabi” opposite JM de Guzman, Barbie Imperial is not ready to work with her co-star anytime soon because they had a personal tiff. In fact, she turned down an offer which will pair her again with the good-looking actor.

Barbie revealed this during her recent guest stint with the popular late night showbiz-oriented talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda.”

“Personally, I think it’s not yet time. I feel that if ever, it would just affect our co-stars if we are not yet okay with each other. I believe it’s better to wait for the right time. Let’s not hasten things,” she avers.

Prior to this, Barbie posted a cryptic message in her social media account which read, “Once a liar, always a liar!” This came out after JM appeared in “Tonight with Boy Abunda” sometime in April in which he said that he tried to pursue the pretty lass after they wrapped up work for “Araw-Gabi.”

On Barbie’s part, she believes that what JM said was a lie.

Photo: JM de Guzman (JM de Guzman Official Instagram Page)

“Honestly, I got hurt when he announced that we dated for just one month. For me, it’s more than that but for him, it was just one month!”

The beauteous Kapamilya also points out that she and JM had lots of problems in the past and these do not only concern their career.

“That’s right!” says Barbie. “It has something to do with our past relationships which weren’t fixed yet. Actually, it’s not simple. It’s possible that he pursued you seriously. It’s also possible that he pursued you while he still has involvement with another person. Then it’s possible too that he pursued you as if he wants to hurt you again. What’s definite is that he pursued me.

“So from there, you can see that both of us are like two individuals who are shattered trying to make each other whole again. But I realized it can’t be. It’s hard. Ideally, one should be whole to fix another person who is shattered. How can you fix the other individual when you yourself isn’t fixed in the first place? How can you restore order in yourself given that scenario, right?”

At this point, the appealing star maintains that she can’t be friends with JM.

“Honestly, I can’t as of now. But don’t get me wrong, okay? I don’t want to end my sentence with a period because I don’t know what tomorrow brings. Who knows, things will turn around in the next days. But for sure, friendship between us is not possible as of now!”

Meanwhile, in the present search for the next big screen “Darna”, it was learned that she’s one of those who were advised to audition for the plum role of the Philippines’ premiere female screen superhero.

“It’s simply flattering to be considered for the part. If it will be given to me, then I’ll grab the opportunity. But if you’ll ask me, I prefer to breathe life to Darna’s main nemesis Valentina. I think it’s equally challenging,” ends Barbie.