AT&T IoT hackathon yields solutions for healthcare, bicycles, others


The AT&T Developer Program and MWC Americas invited the public to innovate and build what’s next in technology on Sept. 9-10 at the WeWork Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. Creative thinkers participated in a special Internet of Things (IoT)-focused hackathon where people of all skill levels brought in their unique perspectives to hack cutting edge hardware and create positive change.

First prize of $2,500 went to Revolution 11’s Smart Manhole Cover, which notifies the user when a manhole cover has been opened and uses sensors that track and convey information on what is contained below it. Second prize of $1,500 went to a team that developed a prototype of a smart device that triggers an alarm in the event that the user’s valuables (bicycle or laptop) are interfered with in their absence. Finally, an honourable mention went to an LTE-M based solution with the ability to track schoolchildren as they arrive at school or into their classroom.

AT&T and Connected Healthcare
AT&T’s booth within the GSMA Innovation City featured several revolutionary connected health devices, all connected by AT&T Internet of Things. All of the devices used AT&T wireless connectivity, which makes remote monitoring easier and more accessible.

• Aira* helps people who are blind or visually impaired get through everyday tasks. Using AT&T-connected smart glasses, Aira’s groundbreaking assistive technology helps people tackle new challenges while giving them more independence.

• Catalia Health developed the Mabu Robot. The robotic care management platform is scalable and affordable. And it interacts with patients – like a human. Mabu remembers information, learns about the patient and personalizes conversations.

• We’re also making connected solutions – like our connected health devices – more accessible through our AT&T Connected Marketplace. Check out the site for the latest products and services enabled by AT&T IoT technology. The site launched in April and we’re continuing to expand our inventory each month.

AT&T and Mobike
Mobike, the world’s largest smart bike sharing service, is working with AT&T* and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., to support its station-free smart bikes in the U.S.
AT&T’s robust connectivity combined with Qualcomm Technologies’ LTE IoT modems and Mobike’s smartphone app lets users easily locate and unlock the nearest Mobike, securely paying for it. At the end of their ride, users can return the bike to a designated “Mobike Preferred Location” or anywhere you can park bikes.

Mobike currently manages more than 7 million smart bikes across 160-plus cities globally.

“Mobike is the only true smart bike platform that leverages proprietary smart locks with built-in GPS and IoT technology to create a sophisticated and highly adaptable solution to the ‘last mile’ transport challenge in one of the world’s largest fleet of mobile IoT devices,” said Joe (Yiping) Xia, Mobike founder and CTO. “Our solution depends on advanced connectivity capabilities such as those of Qualcomm’s MDM9206 global multimode LTE modem, combined with the robust support of AT&T’s network. We are pleased to have support from mobile communications industry leaders like AT&T and Qualcomm Technologies, who are helping Mobike provide the convenient and dependable user experience that is our hallmark.”

“By providing IoT connectivity for Mobike, we’re advancing both the sharing economy and the future of smart cities in a meaningful way,” said Chris Penrose, president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T. “This relationship is allowing us see some of the tangible benefits of how IoT can help address significant social and environmental challenges. In turn, using IoT for good to create lasting benefits for our world.”

AT&T aims to advance the sharing economy and the future of smart cities in a meaningful way.