Arci doesn’t go for open relationship


By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

Arci Muñoz reveals that she was nursing a broken heart while working on the film “Open”, a joint collaboration of Black Sheep Productions and T-Rex Entertainment which is an official entry to the forthcoming 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

“That’s true,” she quips. “The movie actually took one year to finish. It’s a really long journey. Halfway through the shoot, my relationship with my long-time boyfriend (Chinoy businessman Anthony Ng) has ended. The reason for our break-up is just shallow and I don’t want to elaborate on it any further.”

Though emotionally down during those times, the sultry actress immersed herself in work and made it as some sort of therapy to recover.

“Yes, I just focused on my character in the movie and I can say it helped me a lot. My being preoccupied was an advantage for me to somehow forget the heartbreak I’m facing.”

Arci’s role in her latest potboiler is quite controversial.

Photo: OPEN, an official entry to the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, in cinemas this Sept. 13, 2019
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“I’m Rome in the story and my 14-year relationship with my live-in partner Ethan (JC Santos) hits a bump. Since she still wants to be with him, she reluctantly agreed to have their relationship ‘open’ in the sense that they allow each other to date other people. An open relationship means you’re committed to your partner but you’re free to see another person. It’s a very delicate theme which Direk Andoy Ranay handled very well.”

Asked if in real life, she can go for such a set-up, the appealing lass states:

“Of course not! I can’t imagine myself in a serious relationship then I’m also free to explore around and date another individual. I’m like my character in the film which is not into open relationships.”

Interestingly, has her stand on the matter changed after doing the movie?

“Nope!” she says. “It’s different when you’re into a relationship and you’re dating another person. When you’re already in a relationship, you must stick to the person. You can’t date another individual.”

Arci hopes movie buffs will learn lessons from the movie.
“Here, they will learn that if you’ve already found the right person for you, don’t ever let him go. Like my role in the film, I’m into a 14-year relationship. Will I just let such thing happen? The guy wants to explore. But do you think another woman is the answer to save your relationship?

“Well, of course, it depends. There are also other people who find such set-up beneficial. They’re okay with an open relationship. The film offers two perspectives: one is having an open relationship and the other one is the serious type which is altar-bound. Which one works for you?” she ends.