By Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

At this point, Andrea Brillantes is happy with how things are going when it comes to her love team with Seth Fedelin in their chart-topping afternoon drama series “Kadenang Ginto” over at ABS-CBN.

“Oh yes! I’m glad that my screen pairing with Seth is well-accepted by the viewing public.

In fact, we’re always trending and the show is consistently rating high,” she avers.

Many observe that she’s tickled pink whenever Seth’s name is mentioned.

“Maybe, I’m just really happy with all the positive developments happening in our young love team. It’s just amazing!”

Some quarters perceive that they’re already playing beautiful music together. She’s sixteen while Seth is seventeen.

Photo: Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin (@BrillantesAndrea Official Facebook Page)

“As in they think that we have something special going on? All I can say is that we’re on the stage where we are getting to know each other better. We’re getting closer. That’s it.”

If for example Seth formally courts her, will she entertain him?


Does that mean she’s already prepared to enter a relationship if ever?

“I’m still young. As of now, my focus is on my career. I want to accomplish more because I have so many dreams to fulfill. One of which is to build my own house. Anyway, Seth is with me in ‘Kadenang Ginto’ so I always see him.”

Speaking of her top-rating soap, a young girl recently impersonated her portrayal of Margaret and it went viral on social media.

“Yes, trending wise, it is truly a hit. To be honest, I watch it every day. I downloaded the video so I can watch it wherever I go. Even in the airplane, I watch it.

“In fact, I’ve already memorized it. It’s fun because I already met the young girl who impersonated me. Her name is Marjorie. It’s flattering that she impersonates me.”

At her tender age, she is considered a premiere social media influencer. How does she feel about it?

“Admittedly, there is pressure on my side because your post is open to everyone. Before you post something, you should take into consideration if it’s good and will help or inspire your followers instead of creating hate. But it’s also fun at the same time since you can see all your followers. You can witness how much they love you!”

Considered as one of the top YouTubers in contemporary times, does she feel she has already saved enough money and can consider herself rich?

“I don’t really think about that. For one, I don’t ask for the prices of items being bought in the household. As a breadwinner, the more I get under pressure when I learn of the price.

Ha-ha-ha! Especially when the household bills are already in, I make sure to pay them right away,” ends Andrea.