OAKLAND- The Felix Y Manalo Foundation, Inc, the charitable institution of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) on Saturday August 17 had 3,000 care packages of nonperishable food, hygiene kits, and FREE school supplies made available to all residents and families in need in East Oakland, surrounding neighborhoods and extended bay area on their Aid to Humanity community outreach.

The program aims to help combat the rising cost of living in the area.

Local organization have gifted monetary donations to extend their support for the said program. Members of the community in the bay area are all welcome to share the food, live band and gospel choir entertainment.

The event took place at The Arroyo Viejo Park in Oakland, California.

The city of Oakland has two established priorities which is Community Involvement and Empowerment and Public-Private Partnership, The foundation found an opportunity to align itself on the city’s priorities which made it as the only one of eight regions in the US to have received the Aid to Humanity as part of the foundation’s global aim in providing opportunity for the needy and contributing to support peaceful and productive communities.

In an Interview with Robert Pellien, who has been administered with the Church for 30 years and was also one of the people who made this spectacular event possible that helping people in need made him feel very rewarding, how the smile on people’s faces when they receive something and passing on that feeling to more people would just give him that genuine bliss of satisfaction.

According to Robert, For their next program they would be heading to the Native Indian Reservation at San Carlos as they saw the need and they’re willing to extend a helping hand to slowly save the people from their misery. They have congregations across the world that would make it easier for them to extend their reach to the most who needs it.

The Foundation is a socio-civic platform of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) serving thousands and assisting 36 local organizations.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a Christian religion whose prime purpose is to serve and worship the Almighty God based on his teachings recorded in the Bible, It is not a denomination or sect nor it is affiliated to any federation or religious bodies.

Once again, Iglesia Ni Cristo has proven to us how strong their religion is, from the small things that made a big impact across nations and their camaraderie that would never falter.

By Trixia Abrera/ Photos by Gary de Guzman