Now graced by 7 members, one of the most popular OPM bands- six girls and a man, whom the girls tease as already being like one of them (Of course, they’re just kidding)- is now the New and Enhanced AEGIS Band.

It’s hard to believe that a musical group could last this long in the business of making music, traveling to foreign shoes, sharing rooms, food, stories and lives. But that’s the reality. The band has truly become a family after years of shared experiences. Furthermore, they are not merely a family.

Due to the potpourri of native roots within the band, the AEGIS members also seem to represent the three major islands of the Philippines.

The original members include Juliet Sonot and Mercy Sunot-Borjal, the lead vocalists, came all the way from Cagayan de Oro City. Stella Maries Galindo-Pabico is from Misamis Occidental. Vilma Goloviogo is from Manila, while bass guitarist Rowena “Weng” Pinpin-Adriano is a Pampagueña. The lone male member, Rey Abenoja, hails from Southern Leyte.

The newest member of AEGIS is the youngest sister of Juliet and Mercy, KRIS SUNOT who, of course, is also from Cagayan de Oro.

Initially, the members of AEGIS were from different bands under one management – AG Talent Development and Management. In the early 90s, their managers Mr. and Mrs. Solito Galindo have decided to merge this talented group into one, forming then AG’s Sound Trippers Band. In 1998, it was decided that they enter the music industry therefore changing the band’s name to AEGIS. It was only in February 2011 when Kris Sunot, who is also known as Ken and the youngest sister of Juliet and Mercy, was integrated in the bunch. The managers and the original members of Aegis have agreed to include Ken to the band not only to broaden the group’s already extensive repertoire but also to cater to the younger generation.

While Ken’s older sisters are known for their husky yet powerful vocals, Ken on the other hand has a voice that’s a combination of her sister’s. Ken mainly handles the RnB genre of AEGIS’ repertoire.

To these “Aegeans”, having joined Aegis is the best thing that has happened to them. Sure, they had been playing their music with other groups before, but it was only when they got together as Aegis that they felt this strong bond, an unseen link that has been seeing them through all these years.

Why is the band called AEGIS?
There are actually two reasons why the group has opted for the name AEGIS. First, the group was formerly known as AG’s Sound Trippers. AG’s was the name of their manager’s company coined from their last names Abenoja-Galindo. But, since the band name was too long, they opted to go for AG’s or in other words AEGIS. Second, the literary meaning of AEGIS is “Shield” or “Protection” from the Greek Mythology used by Zeus (Greek father of gods). The group decided to adapt this word as the name of their band, because it expresses what they want to share to their listeners, to feel when they listen to their songs, that of being “protected” and “shielded” from being lonely. Most of the songs they chose for their album are love songs. They are hoping that lovers will find their songs as a protection from being lonely and broken-hearted.

The band members are just as grateful to their manager, Mr. Solito Galindo who runs the AGs Talent Development and Management Services, a management company that specializes in training, developing and managing female bands in the Philippines and to their Composer, the late Celso Abenoja.

Celso Abenoja (brother of Rey Abenoja, the lead guitarist; and Josie Galindo, the wife of their manager) wrote all of the songs Aegis recorded in their first album. They were songs written 40 years ago, and were given new life by the group. Celso is a prolific songwriter and a former band player himself but was sidetracked by some sad personal circumstances.

His songs never got to be played in that long span of time until this band of music-makers from Japan came along.

The success of Aegis and Celso’s songs of sad, personal circumstances has revived the once dormant Celso, who was more inspired than ever to write again. After two hit albums of pop-rock and county rock music (debut album “Halik” and sophomore album “Mahal na Mahal Kita”), Celso have decided to go disco in Aegis’ album “Ating sayawin”. Alpha records also issued an all-Christmas album for them, “Paskung-Pasko which features hit songs “Christmas Bonus” and “Sana’y Kapiling Ka Ngayong Pasko”. Celso’s deeply touched of his songs and how Aegis has helped turn around those songs from oblivion. At the moment, group has released 10 albums; the latest being “Back To Love” which contains some of the most requested cover songs. The group just released their 20th anniversary album, which contains all original songs, this time including Ken Sunot and Rey Abenoja as the composer for some of the songs.

Since the release of their first album, the group has been constantly invited to numerous TV shows in the Philippines, the Aegis band was never a stranger in the halls of ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, you name it! In 2005, Aegis Band sang the theme song of “Krystala” featuring Judy Ann Santos, which was then a big hit, aired nightly at ABS-CBN. Aside from that, they also performed “Kisapmata” the theme song for GMA 7’s show “ESP” and the theme song for ABS-CBN’s Rated K. Recently, ABS-CBN has chosen the group’s song “Halik” as the title for their drama series featuring Jericho Rosales, Yam Concepcion, Sam Milby and Yen Santos.

The group says they never planned on an active career in the Philippines, much less, dream of becoming recording artists and idols to the masses. To them, earning a living out of music and performing before foreigners in clubs and lounges all over Japan was enough. It was enough that they could earn a few lapad’s, stay in nice hotels overseas, indulge in great food, and have some extra money left to send over relatives in the Philippines.

The success that this Pinoy band achieved on local shores opened opportunities for them to share their music with Filipinos and foreigners alike as they toured countries like USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Scandinavian Countries, Australia, UAE, Saipan, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Korea, Hong Kong & Japan. For as long as there are Filipinos and fans anywhere in the world who longs for great music and entertainment, AEGIS will be there to provide that.

The concert will be held on April 6 at 8:00 pm At Thunder Valley Resort & Casino in Lincoln, CA.

For more information please call 510-386-7737