Carla Wishes to Work with Piolo and Bea in a Film Project


By: Joseph Peter R. Gonzales

It would be a dream-come-true for Carla Abellana if in the near future, she’ll be able to do silver screen projects opposite Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo, two of the rival network’s premiere stars. It’s public knowledge that Carla is a contract star of GMA while PJ and Bea are with ABS-CBN.

The be-dimpled lass reasons out that she has already worked with almost all Kapuso stars on various boob tube presentations.

“That’s right!” Carla avers. “In fact, my manager always asks me whom would I like to star with in a television project but when we speak of GMA, I already collaborated with the station’s biggest talents. So, I thought of another medium—movies! That’s the idea of working with Piolo and Bea comes in.”

Despite the fact that she’s also a front-rank star in her own right, Carla would feel privileged sharing the big screen with Bea and Piolo if ever.

“I mean, who would refuse them as co-stars, right? They’re part of the cream of the crop, so to speak. In fact, you wouldn’t believe it but, in one of my personal meetings with Bea, I joked that I want to be part of any of her future films even if it’s not a big role. I won’t mind if it’s just a short appearance. She just laughed on my comment but for me, it’s just okay. It will be a big honor.

“When it comes to Piolo, well, I think all female stars in contemporary times want to work with him either in potboilers or boob tube shows. Regardless of whom he’s paired with, the public supports his movies. His charm and drawing power is different. It may sound cliché but Piolo is Piolo! I’m hats-off to him!

“If given the chance, I would like to star in a light material opposite him. Something different from what the viewing public is used to seeing him appear in most of the times.

Obviously, most of his offerings are dramatic vehicles so if ever I’ll do a movie with him, I want it to be a comedy. I think it will be a fresh treat to his fans, don’t you think? It will break the monotony!”

Talking of her own career, after headlining “I Heart Davao”, Carla will be seen next in a major soap opera whose details she cannot divulge yet.

“Actually, the official taping will start soon! I’m excited because the plot is something new to me. I have sisters here but we have different mothers. That’s the main conflict. It’s actually a family drama I’m sure TV buffs can easily relate to. I’m grateful to GMA for assigning me to this project.”

How is this different from all the other soap operas she did in the past?

“Actually, the drama element is always part of my soaps. As what I’ve mentioned earlier, the focus of the story is on the sisters, their conflicts among one another. That’s something new for me. I’m sure the viewers will like the twists and turns in the plot. I hope that like my previous successful soaps, people would support my new offering as well.”

Interestingly, will her boyfriend Tom Rodriguez join her in the project?

“No! He’s also busy with other assignments like ‘The Cure’ with Jennylyn (Mercado).

They’re on their last week but still, it would overlap with my soap if ever. Another thing, the story of my new program is centered on family. It’s not a romantic vehicle, so it’s okay,” ends Carla.