MANILA, PHILIPPINES, July 23, 2018 – The year 2018 has been marked with key milestones both in the professional and personal lives of ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC) stars Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, known globally together as the loveteam, LizQuen.

Last January, the pair went on a holiday to Europe, visiting London, Paris and Madrid, among other major cities. Enrique has introduced Liza to his family in Spain who welcomed her with open arms.

In March, not only did the pair celebrate their 5th anniversary as an on-screen couple; they also officially confirmed what millions of LizQuen fans already fantasized: that they are “exclusively” dating in real life. This was met with loud cheers and applause at the press conference that month for their ABS-CBN fantaserye, “Bagani”.

And speaking of “Bagani”, LizQuen continues to ride high as a loveteam with this daily series which has registered consistently high ratings. The July 19 national ratings from Kantar Media Philippines showed “Bagani” ranking third with ratings of 27.6% — only ABS-CBN’s phenomenal “FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano” and flagship news program, “TV Patrol”, ranked higher.

This even though “Bagani” is not in the comfort zone genre of LizQuen which is the rom-com. “Bagani” is a stunt-laced, action-packed fantasy drama inspired by Filipino pre-colonial mythology. It has warriors, hunters and tribes in a war between the defenders of the land called Sansinukob under the benevolent god Apo and the monsters that the evil god Sarimaw has unleashed to conquer the land and its people. It is a visual delight with the swordfights, intrigues, sacrifice, manipulation, and yes, romance between the LizQuen’s characters, Lakas (which means “strength” in Filipino) and Ganda (which means “beauty”).
From their beginnings in the now classic rom-com series, “Forevermore”, to their huge international box-office hit, “My Ex and Whys”, to their current hit, “Bagani”, the journey of LizQuen has been one memorable and beautiful moment after another.

Cheers and here’s to more years with this beloved international Filipino loveteam!