The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco highlighted the Parangal Dance company, representing the Philippines in the 2018 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival at the War Memorial Opera House.

With its mission to promote and give tribute to Philippine indigenous cultures through dance, music and costumes, Parangal showcased its new production in the much awaited dance festival.

Entitled Kiyaprawa a ko Arkat Lawanen (The Abduction of Princess Lawanen), the dance is based on the Maranao epic poem Darangen. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Eric Solano, Parangal partnered with culture bearers Salika Samad and Abdul Jabar Dimalna, and drew inspiration for theatrical aesthetics from Philippine National Artist Lucrecia Reyes-Urtulafor the special production. Audiences experienced a taste of the Philippines’ cultural history with the colorful costumes, unique music and traditional dance moves of the Maranao people.

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