The senior living industry needs over a million employees


The Senior Living Industry will expect some major challenges in recruiting an adequate number of employees in the senior living industry in order to meet massive demand, according to a recent report “Getting to 2025: A Senior Living Roadmap.”

The industry will have to attract more than 1.2 million employees nationally by 2025, California being the state of highest needed demand. The report was initiated with input from hundreds of top senior living executives, advocates and experts.

“We are facing a tremendous challenge here, but there is also tremendous opportunity to fill good paying jobs right here in California.” Shirley Krohn of CSL.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, when the last of the baby boomers reach age 65 in 2029 they will represent more than 20% of the total U.S. population totaling 60 million individuals. It is likely that 900,000 new positions will have to be filled over the next 10 years notwithstanding additional jobs vacated by current senior living industry professionals.

“The Filipino community will likely play a key role in bolstering this workforce,” states Shirley Krohn of CSL. “The Filipino community has been supportive of the growing needs of our elders and are very much engrained in the industry.”

“We at the California Senior Legislature (CSL) have been the most vocal advocates for seniors in our state and we are aware of the challenges facing us in the coming years. As demand continues to increase, jobs must remain attractive to discerning professionals. Nursing assistants, home health aides, and registered nurses and a wealth of other positions must be filled.” John Pointer Chair Joint Rules Committee of CSL

CSL has a 35-year history advocating for senior’s rights. Its track record includes the Silver Alert Program and protections against elder abuse. CSL is California’s biggest champion for the elder community. However, CSL is only able to continue its work for the elderly through donations and tax form 427. For more information on this issue and CSL priorities, please contact Janice Bailey.