12U baseball team from the SF Peninsula is Cooperstown-bound July 2018


San Bruno, CA – Thirteen tournaments, ten championship games, four championships. This group of scrappy kids have come a long way since their team was formed in the summer of 2017.

But, it was not always this easy.

It took a while to form this team of 12-year old boys. They faced challenges in the beginning. They encountered hindrances.

Most of them started as strangers – two kids from San Bruno, one from South San Francisco, six from Millbrae, and four from Daly City. They all played in their city’s respective baseball leagues since they were four- and five-year olds.

But there was never a hint of awkwardness, even from those initial moments of getting to know each other.

They even had mismatched hats during the first few tournaments. But they all have one thing in common. They all share a deep love for the game of baseball. Their three coaches (Dale Brewer from San Bruno, Eric Ginebra from Millbrae and Angelo Manila from Daly City) are equally passionate.

Within a month or two, they started to win games, finish second and eventually win championships.

Every weekend tournament they joined would take them miles away from the Peninsula. Their families would wake up and drive out early to Santa Cruz, Antioch, Fremont, Sunnyvale and other cities in Northern California. There they would stay late into the night as the boys play 2-3 games a day and return the next day for the playoffs.

All their victories were because they choose to play as a team. When one player is down, the next kid picks him up.

They have shown grit, perseverance and hard work.

After thirteen tournaments, they have earned four championships together. The latest victory was earned last March 3-4 at the March Madness Baseball Tournament organized by the Northern California Tournament Baseball in Sunnyvale, Calif.

The team’s three other championships were earned at the following tournaments: Halloween Havoc in Antioch (October 28-29); Toys for Tots Baseball Tournament in Fremont (December 2-3); and at the Millbrae Invitational Baseball Tournament (January 27-28).

Cooperstown, New York
All the boys’ hard work are meant for their ultimate objective of winning against teams from other states in Cooperstown, New York. The Golden Gaters are scheduled to play at the Dreams Park in Cooperstown on the week of July 20-26, 2018. They will be pitted against other 12u teams from across the country for a higher caliber and level of competition.

The boys of the California Golden Gaters (Cooperstown 2018) are: Javi Manila (Daly City), Jeric Buncio, Jr. (Daly City), Parker Mendoza (Daly City), Ricardo Uribe, Jr. (Daly City), Aaron Academia (Millbrae), Aiden Adeva (Millbrae), Tyler Chan (Millbrae), Edgar Magaña (Millbrae), Matteo Fabbi (Millbrae), Oliver Ginebra (Millbrae), Jordan Zahar (Millbrae), Jake Brewer (San Bruno), Ryan Bower (SSF/San Bruno) and Sebastian Conclara (San Bruno).

Meanwhile, the team and their families are raising funds to cover their participation fee in Cooperstown and the boys’ travel expenses.

They have organized several a few fundraisers in recent months as well as started a GoFund Me page. If you wish to support this team of boys, please donate through this link: https://www.gofundme.com/goldengaters2018.

The team can be reached through their team manager, Eric Ginebra, through email address: cagoldengaters18@gmail.com.