Enrile blames 2 Aquino presidencies for country’s woes on EDSA’s 30th anniversary


By Macon Araneta
FilAm Star Correspondent

The bloodless 1986 People Power Revolt only benefitted the Aquinos, having produced two presidents—the late President Cory Aquino and her son, now outgoing President Noynoy Aquino, and not the Filipino people, said Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile.

“It was and it is being celebrated by the Aquinos because they benefited from it. At least it made two Aquino presidents. That’s all the country got,” said Enrile.

He stressed that the vision of EDSA was never fulfilled, Enrile said there were just emotions, promises and slogans.

“No substantial act of nation-building. in fact,” stated Enrile, who was a key player in the revolt that toppled the 20-year Marcos rule and catalputed the late President Aquino into power.

The 92-year senator poinrtd out that both Aquino administratiosn brought about a deterioration of the country.

“If you remember, the Aquino administration stopped the Nuclear Power Plant that brought about the brown out and high cost of electricity in the country and with that, the economic progress of the land, the inability of the country to create jobs,” he said.

“It is now saying, it’s now the mantra of this administration. With this administration, what did they do? They wasted their time in jailing people whom they called corrupt. That was the only problem they have,” said Enrile who was sent to jail by the present administration over the alleged pork barrel scam.

Enrile, who was detained at the PNP Custodian Center in Camp Crame for a year, has been out on bail.

He also accused the present administration of making mendicants of the Filipino people by their Pantawid Pamilya Program. “My God, if they used that money for some more important projects, maybe we will not be begging America to save us, save our asses,” said Enrile

“Why are we beholden to America? Because we have no security cover against the regional hegemon today in this region, China. And yet, they fueled the ire of China. And all they could use is saliva to challenge China. They do not have anything substantial to protect the country if China comes to our shores,” emphasized the opposition leader.

He related that 30 years after EDSA, the country moved on by its own steam without any help from anyone. He said the ones that really propelled the progress are not the people in Malacañang.

“What did they do in six years? The one that is actually propelling the economies of many countries in the world including the Philippines is the cheap credit that was brought about by the boomers of America, and Europe and Asia.”

“And cheap money is going to end. Now, the question is, how much money does the Philippines have to retire its debts. China has a big problem because that is the basic question that they have,” he said.

He said China is not really what we think it is. “China is a vulnerable country. Against us, they can impose their will. But, against America, they cannot. Against the Western world, they cannot. And that is why I keep repeating that in the meantime that we do not have the wherewithal to protect ourselves, stick with America”

To avoid the current problems confronting the country, he said the next leader should be the best and most capable person as president. “He must be the most well-informed, intellectually prepared and a leader in terms of the word leadership. It’s alright if the world is a peaceful world, at that time you can get anything. The country will work until you pass away as a leader,” he said.

“ But in a dangerous century like what we are facing now, and this is not just a flippant statement, we need to select a leader to prepare us and the people to face the music when it starts to rain on us. We have only up to 2030, at the most. 2030 is when things break lose. That is the prediction of people who are studying the present age,” stated Enrile.

“We are vulnerable, without the OFWs you have no progress in this country. In spite of the claim of the Aquino administration, the only thing keeping this country afloat is the OFW,” he said.

“There are the outflowing foreign exchange and the cheap credit that will become very scarce in the next 10 years. That is the prediction, it will go double digits in the developed countries and may be much more for the developing countries like us.”