The youth: the leader of tomorrow


As I See It

If we are pinning our hopes on the youth as the leaders of tomorrow, then we should help prepare them to take over for the future.

Yes… youth means hope and the young symbolizes the hope of tomorrow. They are being referred to as the next generation who will take over from the now generation. Usually, the now generation is composed of elder people, although there might be some young adults who are with them.

So, I would like to call on the youth to prepare not only their own future but to help build the future of society. It will be a two-pronged approach to success, side-by-side with society by actively pursuing planned ways for the youth to succeed and at the same time involving themselves in the affairs of society.

How do we do that? If you haven’t charted your masterplan to success, here’s how! There are three simple ways to do it: earn a college degree; think outside the box; and actively pursue your goals.

Having access to a good education is essential. And of course, quality education for that matter! You need to earn a high school diploma and as much as possible, a college degree. Other things being equal, the one with a diploma prevails. In one of the hiring sessions of a friend who is the HR manager of a big company, he told me an example of how an applicant with a diploma became the winner. In the lower plantilla positions they were filling out, the choice was down two qualified applicants: one with a high school diploma and the other, no diploma although both of them are experienced for the position and both are very much qualified. When they made their choice, they opted for the one with a high school diploma. The same situation happened when they were left with a choice between two qualified applicants for a supervisory position: both very much qualified but one has no college degree, the other one has. They opted for the college degree holder.

Another way is to think outside the box. People who think and act by the books usually succeed and those who think and act outside the box succeed even more! They are the innovators, the risk-takers, the creative-people, and the people who ask the question behind the question who make things happen beyond the normal way.

We know that William Henry “Bill” Gates, 59, co-founder of Microsoft, succeeded because of his pioneering and innovative acts in building his empire. He went beyond what is normal. He is now the former chief executive & chair of Microsoft, the world’s largest personal-computer software company. Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution who have been criticized for his business tactics considered to be tactics outside the box.

So with Mark Zuckerberg, 30, who made history by building also an empire out of Face Book (FB) which literally phased out My Space, once the by-word of people of all walks of life? He is the chairman & chief executive officer of Facebook, Inc. His personal wealth is estimate to be, as of April 2014, $25.3 billion.

The only eight division boxing champion Assemblyman Manny “the Mexicutioner” Pacquiao was another example of a man who think outside the box. He is flexible and innovative inside the ring. His Hall of Fame coach Freddie Roach is another innovative guy who makes sure that Manny’s sparring partners are heavier and taller than him when Manny prepares for a fight with an opponent bigger and heavier than him.

Thinking outside the box is seeing beyond, being creative, using innovative approaches, and going over and above the normal way. If the youth can do it, we will have no problem of the future being taken over by them!

Isn’t thinking and acting outside the box a great propeller for success? I know it’s hard but it pays to be one.

The third way is to actively pursue your goals. Here, one must be organized and motivated. Even with a well-planned project with no constant follow-through and timetable checks will fail. It has to be monitored every now and then and one must make use of feedbacks to improve the project. It needs constant assertions and innovations to succeed!

The youth are particularly informed of what is really happening in the society and they are also aware of its evils. This is the reason why they have to make themselves heard and the only way to do that is by actively participating in the affairs of society. Actually, it starts with actively shaping their own future and in the process, actively participating in the affairs of society and become a contributing member of society.

Together, we can guide and mentor the youth in charting their future and helping them build our society!

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