Randy Takemoto, Cache Creek COO honored on his retirement


Randy Takemoto, COO and GM of Cache Creek Casino Resort , along with his lovely wife Dina, was honored at a private retirement reception party given by Ichiban’s Ben Ramos and gracious wife, Edna, last March 18 at the conference room of Cache Creek.

Yes, indeed this champion , icon and philanthropist has been loved and treasured by the FilAm community, including Berna Almero with her sister, Neri Canonizado who gave a welcome message at the brief program.

In his opening remarks, Ramos reiterated that he and Edna were the ones who bring quality shows in Cache Creek , in fact most of them are sold out and more outstanding performers are scheduled to showcase another incredible shows. Like Lea Salonga in April, followed by Aegis, and Jed Madela. He proudly mentioned their memorable relationships with Randy and Dina Takemoto.

In his presentation of the special Plaque of Appreciation Ben said,” We will never forget those precious moments Randy and Dina had given to us and the FilAm community. This Plaque of Appreciation is presented with great sincerity. “

In a nostalgic response, Takemoto looked back into his relationship with Ben and Edna Ramos, back in 2004, saying, ” We went to Edna’s Ichiban, we wanted to contract Leonardo at Club 88, from then sprung our unending and tremendous relationship with them.”

The evening was well spent , with the attendance of many from the FilAm Communty of Northern California who came to bid Randy and Dina a very pleasant adieu,” and more power to the incredible husband and wife team of Cache Creek, Randy and Dina Takemoto.”