BAHAY KUBO atbp…. with Chef Bheng


Tuloy Po Kayo !

Welcome to Bahay Kubo, atbp (BBKA). I hope you will become a regular reader of my column in discussing food and drink from places all around the world and from the comfort of my own kitchen, in my Bahay Kubo .

To start off, let me tell you a little bit about myself and a brief history on how it all started, leading me into writing a column in this prestigious newspaper. I have always had the passion for trying new restaurants. Whenever there’s a new establishment opened, I’m usually there…may not be right away but I’m there! I always usually post pictures and my brief review of the new restaurant on social media.

A friend approached me with the idea of writing my reviews in the newspapers…and the rest is history.

BBKA is a celebration of the food and places in the Bay Area and the world. I will be writing a wide range of reviews – any kind of establishment (from a white tablecloth places to a taco truck, and everything in between). I will base my reviews on the quality and consistency of the food, cleanliness of the place, and service.

I will also share some recipes of my favorite dishes from my own kitchen. One important thing I need to share with you: I’m Pescaterian, by choice, and I will most likely be reviewing and sharing recipes without meat and poultry. But nothing to worry if you are not pescaterian, because I’ll be reviewing other menus base on the review of my peers and team.

My very first review will be in next week’s issue. I’m very excited and I look forward to sharing this culinary adventure with all of you!