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By: Ben Lou

Q: I lost my income tax refund and now I am being garnished. How do I stop a Federal Student Loan Garnishment?

A: Why do we always wait to the worst situation before we ask for help. If this client is working, clearly, he ignored collection efforts from the Department of Education. I can help you with your problem though.

Here’s what you must do in order to avoid your Tax Refund from being taken away from you. The Federal government cannot take away what it does not have so you need to go to your Payroll Department and ask them to help you calculate via your W-4 form how much you have to claim in order for them to take the least amount of taxes from you every payroll. By doing this, you will have more Net Pay rather than end up paying more in Tax deductions. At the end of the year, you must likely break even in what you have to pay in Taxes to the IRS or owe just a bit. Thus, this solves the problem of your Tax Refund being taken away.

Next, the Department of Education do not need to sue and win a judgment against you in order to garnish wages or levy your bank account. They can do this without your consent and you really have no way out of it. The best is to consolidate your Federal Student Loans before it gets to garnishments but since you have not done so, you must contact them and start a dialogue. You will want to get back on track first before you can begin a Consolidation process for your Federal Student Loans. The Department of Education has a Loan Rehabilitation Program. They will re-assess your ability to pay and put you back on track. Once this has been started, you can begin a Loan Consolidation process for all your Federal Student Loans. You might even qualify for a Loan Forgiveness at the end of the program term.

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