Colma residents annual dinner at Lucky Chances casino


Rene’s Fine Dining turned into an impromptu sports bar as Colma residents enjoyed the double treat of a sumptuous dinner and the spectacle of the Golden State Warriors beating the Pelicans on big screen TV.

That was last December 13 when Lucky Chances Casino threw open its doors in appreciation for Colma residents who have supported the casino since it opened in the late 1990s.

There were about 275 reservations. The biggest party was for 12 and they started coming in around 7:30 p.m. They came for the eclectic buffet of prime rib, fish fillet, pancit miki-bihon, turkey stuffing, greens and dessert ala Pinoy or just good old fashioned chocolate cake.

The Sibillo-Talavera-Portillo families came in, all three generations, to savor the prime rib. They say they’ve been coming for eight years and they always run into their neighbors at previous dinners.

Daniel’s family say they come over for the turkey. For the Walsh family coming over for five years, it’s the orange chicken.

Councilwoman Joan del Rosario came over from the city council meeting after Helen Fizicarro was voted Mayor and Raquel Gonzalez, Vice-mayor. Del Rosario said, “This is a wonderful tradition by Mr. Medina.”