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Q: I received a letter from the plaintiff’s attorney to adjourn the hearing that was scheduled. I did not show it to anyone since I really did not want to attend the hearing. I was surprised that I received a judgment after a month and now a wage garnishment order. Is that my fault?

A: A client who was enrolled in the program called me to voice out his complaint that the program really did not help him. He started to complain that he was never given the information in order to get through the account he enrolled which was already in legal status.

The summons was for a repossessed vehicle. He could not make the payments due to reduced income and the car was repossessed. He was served with a summons and he enrolled in my program. We filed an answer to the summons for him. Shortly he received a hearing date. We gave him a script to say to the judge in court. A week before the hearing date he received a letter from the plaintiff’s attorney requesting the court to adjourn the hearing because they could not attend. Having read this letter, he decided that he should not attend the hearing without checking with the program attorney nor with us. A month later, he received a judgment. He was so confused as to why he received the judgment. He then complained to me. I then asked him did you receive a letter from the court telling you that the hearing date was moved? He said no and I asked him if it occurred to him that that request may not have been sent to the court and was only sent to him? He answered that he never thought of that. Had you asked anyone if you should attend, we would have told you to attend. If you showed up and they did not, then the case would have been dismissed. He then became quiet and figured that he’s been had.

I always tell clients that if you can solve your problems on your own and know how, by all means, please do so. But if you do not and ask for our help, do not start making your own decisions. That’s when the process breaks down.

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