Kris Aquino decries the term “dutertards”


By Macon Araneta | FilAm Star Correspondent

Queen of Media Kris Aquino, who campaigned for former interior and Local Government Sec. Mar Roxas in the May presidential elections, begged the public to stop calling supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, “dutertards.”

Aquino recently stole the headlines following her statement that she wants the President Rodrigo Duterte to be successful.

In her latest statements, the award-winning actress and television host said she resents calling anyone ‘tards’ (short for retarded) because she has a “special son.” Aquino said she is so sensitive to the term.

Critics of the President labelled as “dutertards” his most avid followers and supporters.
When Aquino talked about her desire for the President to succeed, she also noted how critics and detractors spoke about her brother.

“If my brother is respectful enough to want to give this administration a chance to succeed, why won’t I do the same? Of course, there will be missteps. Not everybody is your your ally. But for me, I like him to suceed.

While she does not always agree with the President, his positive actions should also be recognized, she said.

Aquino said she also sympathizes with the President amid the attacks against the consequential extra-judicial killings in his anti-drugs campaign and his cussing.

Aquino added that she empathizes with Duterte because when her brother was president his every move was also constantly being criticized by the people.

She also called on the public and her colleagues in the showbiz to stop using drugs following the government’s intensified campaign.

“If you don’t want it here, go abroad, clean yourself. It begins with you. Do you want to die?” she said.

Those arrested, Aquino said, should own up to it. “And I think in America, they can recover because they own up to it. And they do something about it. And thank you Lord that they learned. And I hope it will also happen here,” said Aquino.

Since Duterte launched his war against illegal drugs, police authorities arrested a former matinee idol Mark Anthony Fernandez, son of the late action star Rudy Fernandez and former actress-turned politician Alma Moreno and former sexy acttresses Sabrina M, and Krista Miller.