(San Francisco PCG photos)

As part of the continuing education campaign on the story and legacy of Filipino veterans during World War II, the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco hosted a Military and Law Enforcement Night on April 28 on the sidelines of the “Remember Bataan: The 80th Anniversary of the Fall of Bataan” Memorial Exhibit at the Consulate’s Kalayaan Hall.

During the event — which was attended by past and present members of the US Armed Forces and Law Enforcement, as well as cause-oriented American veterans’ organizations — Bataan Legacy Historical Society Executive Director Cecilia Gaerlan underlined the importance of educating Filipinos and Americans on the history of the Second World War in the Philippines.

Through the efforts of Filipino American organizations in California, California became the first US state to teach Philippine World War II history in Grade 11 school curriculum.

The Filipino American Community in the San Francisco Bay Area mounted the “Remember Bataan” Memorial Exhibit to mark the 80th anniversary of the Fall of Bataan and the Bataan Death March, and to honor the legacy of Filipino and American World War II veterans. The special exhibit was spearheaded by the Consulate, the Department of Tourism Office in San Francisco, the Filipino American Arts Exposition, the Bataan Legacy Historical Society, and the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society. (San Francisco PCG photos)