• 5 May 2022, SAN FRANCISCO – Consul General Neil Ferrer met virtually with United States Postal Service Postmaster Avinesh Kumar today, 5 May 2022, to discuss the ongoing overseas postal voting for the 2022 Philippine National Elections and to thank the USPS for the assistance it has been extending in ensuring that all ballot envelopes intended for the Consulate are delivered to it on time.
  • Consul General Ferrer thanked Postmaster Kumar for the USPS’ service following the Consulate’s previous coordination with local USPS stations as it continues to receive completed ballot envelopes of registered Filipino overseas voters for the elections.
  • Postmaster Kumar assured the Consul General that USPS San Francisco will continue to support the Consulate to ensure the timely delivery of all ballot envelopes for the elections.
  • Meanwhile, Consul General Ferrer encourages all Filipino overseas voters registered with the Consulate to drop off their completed postal voting packets at the Consulate’s ballot drop box at the lobby to reach the Consulate before the close of voting on 9 May 2022 at 4 AM Pacific Time.
  • Registered Filipino overseas voters are reminded to check the Consulate’s website: pcgsanfrancisco.org for advisories on the 2022 elections.
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  • L-R: Ms. Lucelyn Gumabay, USPS San Francisco Postmaster Avinesh Kumar, Consul General Neil Ferrer, Deputy Consul General Raquel Solano, Consul Vanessa Bago-Llona, USPS Customer Relations Manager Ms. Carla Jackson, and USPS Station Manager Ms. Glorvies De Guzman.