Come-backing Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on April 18 said the “house-to-house/person-to-person” campaign being conducted by volunteers of the Robredo-Pangilinan tandem have become the “real face of unity.”

He said the surging “Pink movement” has upped its ground game with tens of thousands of volunteers from various social classes going to public markets, transport terminals and visiting homes.

“What is more inspiring than the picture of people coming from different social backgrounds going house-to-house for VP Leni?” said Trillanes.

Trillanes, who is running under the Robredo-Pangilinan banner, noted that “class divisions have been melted by VP Leni’s powerful message of love and unity.”

“These gestures of kapit-bisig, driven by pure love for country, are done by tens of thousands of citizens every day in every corner of the country,” he said.

“This is proof of Robredo’s ability to bring out the best in the Filipino. “‘The message of hope of VP Leni appeals to our basic decency,” he said.

Robredo campaigners on the ground, Trillanes said, have this positive aura and sunny disposition.

He emphasized the fact that artists and singers doing concerts for Robredo and Pangilinan for free is proof of how the Vice-president has inspired good influencers to go out of their comfort zones.

“You can add that many artists have been using the roads as stages. Even in promoting their movies, they did not go down to the communities.

But they have a different promotion for VP Leni. They even go to alleys,” related Trillanes.
“They don’t go to groceries but for VP Leni they have even been going to markets,” added the former senator.

When glamor and glitz unite with guts and grassroots, Trillanes said, we will know that this is a special and historical campaign and that the stake is big.

“This is the kind of unity and solidarity that has driven the other camp to panic. This is the reason why their black propaganda is getting vile and desperate,” he added.

Meanwhile, Robredo’s running mate Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan believes the release of a fake sex video of the Vice President’s eldest daughter Aika is “backfiring.”

Instead, it is earning Filipino voters’ sympathy for Robredo and boosting her presidential candidacy.

“What we’re beginning to see is a backlash from that unfortunate and fake and really disinformation campaign being launched against Robredo’s candidacy.”

The camp of Robredo condemned the online attack, calling the video a “malicious fabrication.”

It has asked social media platforms to have the videos taken down and is also studying legal action.

Earlier, Pangilinan warned against dirty campaigning, saying the people’s problems and the candidates’ solutions should be the focus of the campaign.

“Elections bring out the worst in traditional politicians. Disinformation in fake news is the style of a thief,” he said.

Pangilinan wonders why Robredo is being attacked if the leading contender were indeed leading.

“All these character assassinations will not deter our resolve nor our volunteers. This will only fuel our desire to bring back decency in government.

VP Leni has shown us that radical love is the way to respond. Our weapons: truth, empathy, and kindness to each other,” he said.

Pangilinan also called on the social-media giants to take down criminal and offensive posts.