Re-electionist Sen. Migz Zubiri branded as “part of an adversarial spin” which intends to sow disunity within the UniTeam the controversy on the alleged failure of presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos to raise the hand of Zubiri’s father.

Marcos Jr. reportedly did not raise the hand incumbent governor and congressional candidate Joe Zubiri during the joint grand rally in Malaybalay, Bukidnon March last March 31.

“The truth is it’s just a simple miscommunication between my father and Bongbong Marcos on the sequence of events. After BBM speaks, he was supposed to wave the flag and then raise the hand of the local parties. Which he did, after he waved the flag,” explained Zubiri.

He noted there could be malicious intent to create intrigue by only showing that particular portion of the video and omitting totally the second portion of that sequence of events.

“For us in Bukidnon, it’s not an issue at all,” assured Zubiri.

As a matter of fact, He said they are still in disbelief at the amount of people who turned up for that Grand Rally. Close to one hundred thousand people came to listen to the UniTeam candidates.

“I believe that should be highlighted and not every little thing that happens on stage,” said Zubiri.

“Let’s not make a big thing out of nothing,” he also urged the public.

Netizens said Marcos Jr. deliberately failed to raise the hand of the elder Zubiri as Joe endorsed and campaigned for Leni Robredo when she ran for vice-president against Marcos Jr. in 2016.

Zubiri was dropped from the Lacson-Sotto senatorial slate after he endorsed Marcos Jr..

“Siempre, hindi na namin siya susuportahan since he endorsed another president,” stressed Lacson in an interview during their campaign sorties in Romblon on April 4.

“They know the consequence. If they don’t like us, if they like to support another candidate, it’s awkward if we are still to support them. So, it’s a personal choice. No hard feelings,” explained Lacson.

Zubiri is the third senatorial candidate dropped from the Lacson-Sotto slate following Win Gatchalian and Herbert Bautista’s support for Marcos Jr..