National People’s Coalition (NPC) Chairman and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III debunked reports that the party endorsed the BBM-Sara Duterte in the upcoming May 9 elections.

“Let me make this clear: the Nationalist People’s Coalition has not endorsed any presidential candidate,” said Sotto.

He also emphasized, “I chair the NPC, (this) is an unacceptable and desperate move to optimize lies and exaggerated optics. ”

“We should not allow this to continue to happen, lest the freedom of the press that the Filipino people value gets misused and abused,” said Sotto.

Sotto is running for vice-president along with Sen. Panfilo Lacson who is vying for the presidency as an independent candidate after being dropped by Partido Reporma.

Sotto has also repeatedly said the NPC has yet to reach a consensus if they will back up the presidential bid of Lacson.

While regional and provincial chapters may have their preferred list of candidates, Sotto stressed such choices do not reflect the NPC as a National coalition of political allies and people’s groups.

“Thus, it is disappointing how a reputable news organization can spin a local and provincial story and twist it in favor of certain candidates by using a misleading title,” said Sotto.

According to Sotto, the late Danding Cojuanco founded NPC. It is a dishonor to his name and legacy to support another party to gain personal favors.”

The NPC came up with their endorsement during the meet-and-greet with local and sectoral leaders organized for UniTeam by Tarlac Gov. Susan Yap and her brother, Tarlac Rep. Victor Yap.

Tarlac is a known stronghold of the once-ruling Liberal Party being the home province of the Aquino clan.

During the meeting, Rep. Yap announced that NPC members in the province are rallying behind the Marcos-Duterte tandem.

Yap said he was tasked to talk about NPC’s commitment as a party to the province.  He said the governor has spoken to all members of the NPC in Tarlac, including the known families like the Cojuangcos.

“She also spoke with the party leaders in order to give us the freedom to follow the Marcos-Duterte tandem,” said Yap.

Former Tarlac representative and now UniTeam senatorial candidate Gilberto Teodoro Jr. also introduced Duterte-Carpio to his province mates.