Stressing that he needs to bolster their candidacy in the upcoming May 9 elections, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso did not give a categorical response to controversial blogger Mocha Uson support to his presidency.

Uson has been famous for spreading fake news, contrary to Domagoso’s hardline stance against online disinformation.

Uson has been strongly criticized for using her Facebook page to make misleading or outright false claims and to vilify media critical of the Duterte government.

“Did you file cases against her? If there is a case, then she would be able to answer it under the rule of law,” said Domagoso, standard bearer of Aksyon Demokratiko.
The Manila mayor further emphasized they need all the help they can get to convince people to vote for the Isko-Doc Willie tandem.

Domagoso is vying for the country’s highest elective position along with Health reform advocate Dr. Willie Ong.

Earlier, Uson, a former sexy starlet, repeatedly castigated Domagoso, claiming that he was disrespectful to women to her by calling her “maasim pa.” They traded barbs on several occasions.

She remembered how she opted to simply ignore this remark by Domagoso during a flag ceremony in Manila two years ago.

Sometime in September 2021, Uson red-tagged Domagoso on her Facebook Account by posting a photo with him together with Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison.

It carried a caption which read, “Are you ready for a president close to Joma?”

Domagoso served as a consultant in the peace negotiations between the government and communist rebels. The talks disintegrated after state forces and rebels accused each other of violating ceasefires.

Without naming names, Domagoso said a blogger was “paid” and “thick-faced” after the blogger posted a crowd photo at an Antipolo City mall and misrepresented it as a vaccination site in Manila.

Domagoso did not identify the blogger but prior to his statement, the Manila city government labeled a similar post on Uson’s Facebook page as “fake news.”

Uson served as deputy administrator at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration until she ran as first nominee of an eponymous party-list called Mocha, shorthand for Mothers for Change.

Uson is not a mother and has previously denied rumors that she is pregnant.

During the Cavite campaign sortie, Uson declared she is rallying behind the presidential run of Domagoso.

She formally announced on March 18 her support for Domagoso after attending his campaign rally.

“You know, I am here today because I already “switched to Isko,” stressed Uson. “I am here to show my support for our next president because I see in Mayor Isko the young President Duterte,” she further stated.

As a longtime resident in Manila, Uson also said she voted for Domagoso when he ran for mayor in 2019.

“And in the presidential elections in May, I’m switching to Isko,” said Uson.

Uson is now a certified “Domagoso Diehard Supporter.” She popularized the term Duterte Diehard Supporters (DDS).