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Segment 307 By: Ben Lou

Q: Should I count the chicks before the eggs hatch?
A: Should you count money you haven’t earned yet? This is the equivalent of counting the chicks before the eggs hatch.

Just like life, there are things we cannot predict such as sickness, accidents and or changes in financial standing.

This is the reason why we need to have emergency funds.

In case of unexpected financial emergencies, we have something to fall back on.

To others, this is an ongoing habit.

They count that money will be coming in at a given time and they spend or borrow money based on the expectation.

What happens if the expected money does not come? This starts a web of problems that they have created for themselves.

Let me share to you a story about a client that I spoke to.

There were clients enrolled in my program.

My FDCPA attorney pointed out a possible collection harassment violation by one of the creditors.

When I spoke to them about this, I informed them that the attorney will weigh the evidence and file a suit against the creditor.

If that happens, then they will receive some kind of compensation for the harassment.

A month passes by and the client calls me asking where the money is.

It just so happened it was the holidays when they called me.

So I asked them, did you not understand me that the attorney has to weigh the evidence if we are to file suit? Are you counting this money when we haven’t even filed suit? They could not answer my question.

I knew what was in their minds. They thought they could use that money for Christmas. I told them I hope they have not spent the money thinking they were expecting to receive some funds.

Ating lesson, Perang inaasam asam ay huwag bilangin, dahil ito ay wala pa sa kamay natin.
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