2022 was off to a great start for the Kapuso abroad as GMA Pinoy TV treated them to two back-to-back Pinoy Abroad Fun Connect events for January!

Dubbed as ‘Legendary January FunCon,’ a special online meet-and-greet event was held last January 5 featuring the cast of the newest Kapuso series Little Princess and I Can See You: AlterNate last January 5It was then followed by the ‘Prima Donnas FunCon’ last January 14. Both events were attended by fans worldwide who had a blast interacting with and getting to ask questions to their favorite Kapuso stars.

The stars behind GMA’s well-loved Afternoon Prime series, Little Princess, were in complete attendance during the Legendary January FunCon. Jo Berry, Juancho Triviño, Rodjun Cruz, and Angelika Dela Cruz happily shared their New Year goals, 2021 learnings, as well as the challenges their roles entail in the online kwentuhan.

They also invited everyone to follow the story of Princess (Jo), a little person with big dreams to give her family a better life.

Her world is turned completely upside down when she discovers that she is an heiress to a wealthy clan.

Despite everyone doubting and challenging her claim to the company, she perseveres and strives to prove her worth.

The said FunCon event was made more fun with the presence of Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes and Beauty Gonzalez, the lead stars of ‘I Can See You: AlterNate.’

GPTV Funcon_Primadonnas (Photo by GMA network)

The mini-series showcases Dingdong’s stellar acting chops as two characters – twins Nate and Michael who have never met and who lived two very different lives. Nate’s picture-perfect life with his loving wife, Sheila (Beauty), is intercepted by Michael, eventually making the brothers fight for the woman’s love.

Kapuso fans and Fil-foreign members of the press couldn’t help but admire how intriguing and interesting the plot of the drama series is.

They excitedly asked questions about Dingdong and Beauty’s roles and experience, which the two happily answered and equally shared how grateful they are to be part of such a big project.

In a segment during the event, the pair served as judges where the fans reenacted a scene from the show where the male and female roles were ‘alternated’ which gave the game a fun twist.

Meanwhile, the much-awaited return of the Prima Donnas cast graced their separate FunCon and was attended by Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, Sofia Pablo, Elijah Alejo, Katrina Halili, Wendell Ramos, Sheryl Cruz, and Aiko Melendez.

The Kapuso abroad were all looking forward to the brand-new season of the top-rated series.

The stars of the family-drama soap likewise expressed how happy they are about the success of the first season and are grateful to be back for more.

They talked about how Prima Donnas Book 2 will tackle more of Kendra’s (Aiko Melendez) revenge on the Claveria family including Jaime (Wendell) and Lilian (Katrina), as well as Donna Marie (Jillian), Donna Belle (Althea), and Donna Lyn (Sofia).

To share the fun with more Kapuso Abroad, the ‘Legendary January FunCon’ and ‘Prima Donnas FunCon’ also aired respectively last January 23 and January 30 on GMA Pinoy TV.

You can also watch the Funcon event stream on our Facebook and Youtube page @gmapinoytv.

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